Nov 7, 2008

A Perfect Storm of Dead

This is the Requiem.

What Bright Shining Thing do you, as a Republican, have to offer to 50% of the population that is going to sound better to the hypnotized masses than: FREE!

People are mostly motivated by fear, because their imagination can easily grasp the concept: Fear of Rejection, Fear of Abandonment, Fear of Need. You feel it, too, just reading it. It's visceral and real and it's Today and not tomorrow. Now. Reward that fear with an easy freedom from it, and you've got yourself some kind of Real Power. Magic.

While the far left fanned those fears of wants, needs, and health, it worked on the vanity and insecurities of the Republican leadership along with the Fear of Appearing Unfair. Oh, they played you rubes coming and going!

Oh, my poor, pitiful Republican rank-and-file!

What reward is there in being a Republican?

Years ago, I went to join my local Republican Women's Club. What a Garden Party of bluebloods and butt sniffers! I told them I wanted to work in some meaningful way. I kid you not, they asked me how big of a check could I write. I was hounded for months before I told them the gruesome truth: I dont' have any money to give, just my good willingness to work. The phone calls stopped. That was about six years ago. Sarah Palin never stood a chance, either.

Dead from within. Attacked from without.

That is what killed the patient: a Hydra of many biting, hateful heads. You there, working at your desk, on your farm, in your stores.... poor slobs, ya never had a chance. You strike at one head, and ten more were already waiting to spring out of the stump, and some of them were Republican and looked like they maybe smiled at you before cutting you off at the knees.

The Media, Hollywood, online entertainment, your checkbook, Educators, Lawyers, Judges, and you too busy working to stay afloat to even know what kind of Judges are in your own community, much less the Supreme Court. Too busy to even know your neighbors, too busy to notice your young and what their hopes and dreams might look like after they've watched you slave away for so little.

Steven den Beste, who I adore, is wrong.

If you read and take comfort from his latest article, you have succumbed to the smug temptation I spoke of in the first of this series. People will not see the Beauty of your politics. The Media will not give up sweet, sweet power. There's too much reward in it. People do not naturally gravitate to things that do not have a reward factor. The Media knows this, and while we've been celebrating its supposed demise, it has gained more power than ever. It will not let it go, not when it sees that it, too, now has a mandate of at least a 50% share. Not a bad market share to hone and cultivate. Did you see just how fast Fox News reorganized itself for sweet access?

The Media paid good money for access in Iraq while Saddam was wood-chipping his detractors. It was ever only about money and influence. This same Media will vilify your politician for trying to gain political access in hope of having some sort of influence for future good. And they'll point out to you that your intentions were as theirs. You can't fight that. Because who are you to say what's right? Because your teachers taught you that you can't know what is right.

You can't even write about it in a short essay. It takes Bill Whittle-length essays just to catalog the Hydra's many faces.

Until we know how really, really killed we are, and our Outer Husk has receeded back into the dustbin of history, we will be soooo tempted to keep saying stupid things and proffering old stratagems that look new. Let's bury it together, mourn it, miss it, and then find where its Spirit went and build something new.

But honestly, your kids are talking like the ghetto rappers, dressing like dead Victorians, or crying their eyes out in Emo-parties. They can't do fractions, read, or even understand the basics of economics or politics. But they sure feel good about themselves, having never been tested in any field of life, not even in sports, they have never tasted real defeat. Many of you reading this have never really, really hit the bottom of your political will.

What do you have to offer the fearful?

It's a tall order. I'm up to it.


pamibe said...

If it weren't for Spock and Kirk many of us would have been looking for Grandma's bottle of sleeping pills... I'm not ashamed to say that on the night of the election I shook with terror. It's a horrible thing to face up to, what has happened.

So right now I look to those posts, I need those words... and yours as well.

I also need to go mow the yard, so ta for now...

Jim Ryan said...

1. Pride in having done it yourself. Self-respect that you aren't on welfare, that you are a taxpayer and not a freeloader. You did it yourself. You picked the "it" that's right for you, rather than having a bureaucrat choose it for you. You thought for yourself instead of imbibing PC-think only.

2. Evidence that this will make us not only proud but richer.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Pam, that wasn't directed at you personally, of course. I've been emailed links from all over to Den Beste's essay. Just to clarify.

Because, yes, for a brief moment it did salve the soul.

youngjim said...

What reward is there in being a Republican?

I am the master of my fate;
I am the captain of my soul.

PeggyU said...

Joanie: This evening, full of enthusiasm having gotten ahold of the name of an accessible state Republican party leader, I contacted the man with my opinions and ideas ... only to have them dismissed out of hand. We talked about a lot of things. He has been involved in helping to run party affairs in our state for about 20 years and described himself to me as a "centrist". We discussed many issues, and truly he was the compromising type that I find so dissapointing. I told him about my frustration with a system that doesn't seem to give voice to the everyday Joe Conservative. I came away with several impressions that do lead me to see things your way ... let the elephant die, and bury it before it starts to stink even more. :( I will share some of it with you if you'd like, as I am really annoyed at some of the things he said ... things I was surprised to hear him say.

Joan of Argghh! said...

young jim, good answer! I agree that that is a sweet reward for being a Free-born person.

But freedom is actually quite distasteful to half of your countrymen. They will not see that reward as tangible. How will you exemplify what you believe? What else you got?