Nov 11, 2008

Political Energy Conservation

Political Things you won't find here:

Railing against Obama. Useless.
Pointing out every hypocrisy of everything Obama does. Waste of breath.
Surprise at anything Obama says, no matter how outrageous.
Pointing out every hypocrisy of the Left. Life is too short.
Gasping dismay at the latest unimaginable outrage from Congress. Too predictable.
Surprise at the government theft of liberty or 401ks or personal wealth.
Excitement about the latest GOP strategy. Shoes without feet.
Excitement about the latest GOP leadership. The GOP is dead. Even Newt knows it. Even Sarah has hinted at it.
Anger at McCain's strange sense of proportion. Waste of emotional energy.
Political Correctness. It's so ten days ago.
Railing at the stupidity of the electorate, Democrats, the Media, et al.

So. What's left?

In light of everything that is and will come to pass since Nov.4th, what do you have personal political control over?

(I know. We were all hoping that Newt or Sarah or Rush will save us. Admit it. The temptation to seek an easy Messiah is a universal constant. )

But the easy road has already been taken by the Dems and the GOP. Besides, it's not our way, no matter how tempting at times. So, I'm asking you (and me) again,

what are we prepared to do to propagate our Ideals and ideas to an infantilized generation?

If all politics is local, then that makes our part a bit easier while greater minds than yours or mine struggle to put a fine point on What Went Wrong. Oh please.

A thousand points of pious armchairing won't move people out of theirs.

Look, I like my guns as personal protection, but I really don't want to have our political quandry come down to Katie Bar the Door.

Do you?


julie said...

Have you read this (via vanderleun)?

It just makes your question that much more pressing, but so help me I don't have an answer.

I am more inclined, however, to start drinking heavily.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Not so heavily you can't control your aim!

Long, but great article. Still reading it, but yeah.

Meanwhile, I wrote the RNC chair on sunday night, linking everything I've said on this blog and telling them they've been lost since they kicked Newt to the curb.

Next day, Newt floats the idea of RNC chair.

Today, not so much.

I like to narcissistically think I had something to do with it. That Duncan passed it along to Newt and said, "you wanna deal with this kinda fire?"

julie said...

It would be nice, to think that they're actually listening to their base for a change. I don't hold out much hope, though.

The trouble is, what's needed is an outspoken group of people with not only the desire to talk but the ability to act. Most folks on our side of the aisle have jobs and families and responsibilities, all of which tend to take precedence over political action beyond signing petitions and writing the occasional letter.

Our very nature works against us in this endeavor. Sometimes, it's maddening to be the good guys.

julie said...

I suppose it's a good time to keep our eyes peeled for a couple faintly-opened windows.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, that's what I pointed out several posts back. It's unpopular to point out how much feminism has yielded unintended consequences and the disruption of the community.

The poorer demographics that we have worked hard to support, to the detriment of our own family life and community involvement, have the upper hand by way of time and freedom to act.

It's the siren song of "choice" that the middle class suburbanites have bought into. Poor people aren't the ones getting abortions or using birth control. Which makes having more than one or two kids seem very unclassy to the isolated lecturers of our day.

But, simple and maddening demographics of birth rates alone are almost enough to seal the deal against us.

Everybody kept saying that abortion had destroyed an entire generation of Democrats.

That seems less and less likely, doesn't it? How many other conservative ideas were destroyed by the little foxes of choice, the perception of being educated, the brass ring of career success?

It's mean of me. I know. Not very diplomatic.

folly said...

While I almost agree that pointing out hypocrisy is pointless, I have to do something. It is easier to watch the news and complain than reading dozens of news stories and blogs a day to get information, though. Your question is, what will I do to get the people moving.

I can get involved locally. I can try to point out the absurdities of the incoming administration. I asked a very liberal friend of mine why he voted for Obama and he told me that Obama would change things.

I asked my friend what he was going to change, and which policies attracted him to Obama. He couldn't tell me anything about what Obama was going to do. That's absurd. I hope I made him think, but I doubt it.

I can talk to people. In person and on the web. Look, there are people out there in the GOP that I can agree with, and I need to talk to and about them. They deserve my support.

I'm certainly not sitting in an armchair, and I don't plan on it.

As much as I'd like to see one of the smaller parties break through to the big time, I think we have only the GOP to fall back on for now. We have to work to get the proper people in place so that the GOP actually represents our interests again.

We can do that by doing what you did: writing the people that are supposed represent our interests. I wrote the McCain campaign in support of Gov Palin during the whole clothes thing.

What I won't do? I won't put "gate" on the end of anything. Ever.

I just put a list on my blog on how to contact your local, state and federal representatives. Maybe someone will click on the links.

Maybe I'm just being optimistic.

Liberty Girl said...

What folly said. I have to get it out some way or face potentially exploding. And I have far too many high-powered rifles too near to hand to risk that, yanno?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, of course. It's not to say I don't vent here and there on others' righteous rants, or won't have a few of my own.

But resistance training builds muscles, for good or ill...

I'm a fan of judo, myself.

folly said...

Heh. I powerlift and shoot pistol competitions. Works the stress out.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not advocating turning in to one of those whiney people, but I feel the need to point out the ludicrous when I see it. You will not find me falling in to the "Chimpy McHalliburton Bushitler" trap that liberals created over the last several years, while demanding that we bend over backwards in "compromise."

Sounds like we're all on the same page.

The D.I.L. said...

A present for you, M.I.L. I think you would enjoy this blog as one of your dailies. Love you!

(wv) undst- (def) the state of dimness one experiences when one should be feeling angst, but is too dull to realize it.