Nov 23, 2008

Pork Shoulder Roasted in Orange Juice and Coca Cola

Don't be hatin'.

Pork roast stuffed with garlic cloves and infused with coke and o.j. is an ersatz Conchinita Pibil recipe I got from friends in Mexico.

Put a plate of that pulled pork on top yo' head and yo' tongue'll slap your brains out trying to get to it.

Not to mention the baked okra and creamed corn.

Or the key lime pie.

Update: The leftovers will not be relegated to a barbeque-sop. Fresh tortillas, cilantro, onions and a salsa brava topped with a sliver of pineapple will be the eventual bed of repose for the restos. If I don't decide to make them into chilaquiles.

I think I should train for life in Mexico again. If you're not a drug runner or banker, it's fairly safe and actually more pleasant than you can imagine.


Suzette said...

I made that once, inspired by a reference in the book My Year of Meats. But I made it in a crockpot and so it drowned in liquid and was kind of gross. How are you cooking this? In the oven or in a stovetop pot?

Joan of Argghh! said...

You have to slow roast it and baste it. I'm trying it uncovered today, but some folks insist on the aluminum tent. It's not like it's going to dry out, because this shoulder has the lower dermis still around the shank. I'll re-infuse halfway thru, and drain out excess fats and liquids. I want the flavor through it, but like you say, not drowned.

I've done it on a smaller scale before with a small roast. This is a honkin' hunka meat.

folly said...

I roast whole bone-in pork roasts that way. Uncovered with an orange glaze later in the cooking. It's about 1hr/lb at 250-275 in the oven or smoker. The leftovers sound outstanding. A little sweet pickled onion would be a nice touch.

Mmmm. Key lime pie. When my son and I went to the keys with the Boy Scouts to live on a sailboat for a week, we got to try some really good key lime pie. I haven't quite worked out the recipe to my satisfaction, though.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Folly, that's the whole idea about Key Lime pies. You're supposed to keep making them until you're satisfied... but you never will be. It's such an exotic flavor, the taste buds just go haywire. It's kinda dangerous for melancholy-types to try to perfect a Key Lime Pie.

Michael said...

Jesus I'm so hungry now.

Pulled pork.

Were it not for the weather I'd say I just live on the wrong side of the Mason Dixon line. But I just have to have my winters.

folly said...

I know, and I'll keep trying to get the recipe perfect. If I get it, I'll let you know.

You did get me in the mood for some good tacos, though. I'm going to stew a beef roast in tomato, broth, cilantro, chili, garlic, chipotle, cumin and onion (just to get started). I'll shred it into corn tortillas and top it with a lime, oil garlic and cilantro relish as well as some roasted onions. If I can get an avocado ripe in time, I'll use that as well.

That reminds me, my recipe of the week is due to go up over at my other blog. I think I'll put up my feijoada recipe.

PeggyU said...

So, does the cola tenderize it or something?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Peggy, first of all, did you know that you can get a blogger account but not have a blog? It's time you got a proper identity, woman. Plus, you can get a ping back when someone responds to your comment, so you don't have to endlessly click over and check.

Now, about the Coke: you don't go questioning Emeril about his "essence" and in the South you do not question a recipe that includes Coke! We might ask Alton Brown but I'm pretty sure it comes down to poor Mexicans not having ready access to the sugar necessary to balance out the sour oranges used in the traditional recipe. But you can get a Coke in even the most remote areas of the desert or the jungles of Mexico.

Ex-Dissident said...

Wierd trend because I looks like we were all on the same page this weekend. I dind't even read this post 1st. I slow roasted a big piece of beef this Sunday. Sort of similar Folly's recipe. Basically I stuck a bunch of garlic cloves all over the place and covered the meat with a bag of french onion soup mix. After letting it sit in the fridge for 24h, I placed it into the oven, inside a dutch over, for almost 2 hours. I think I should have lowered the heat though, because it came out kind of dry. It was about 3-4 lbs and I cooked it at 375.

Ex-Dissident said...

For some surprised by the "slow roasting remark", 2 hours is very slow in my book. My typical fish preparation involves 1 minute searing on each side and serve.

PeggyU said...

Ok, will get blog account ... but I thought bloggers liked the traffic?

On the Coke thing, I still wonder if it doesn't tenderize the meat somewhat ... I think it would actually taste good in a barbecue sauce. Now I know barbecue is sacred ground ... so I am not going to question what goes into anyone's recipe. Best to just shut up and eat!

joated said...

How 'bout some step by step directions for us poor souls who need them? Especially since you've now got me mopping up the front of my shirt from the drool running off my tongue.

PeggyU said...

Yes!!!! Recipes please :) !

Joan of Argghh! said...

So Peggy, U've really been blogging for over a year and never told anyone?


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Alton Brown is a trip! That guy is funny as all get out! :^)
I learn a lot from him too. Little things that matter.