Nov 29, 2008

Saturday Morning Music Jam

The usuals at the Farmers' Market this morning were joined by a distinguished elderly man from England. He created quite a buzz and stir in hushed tones of admiration for his celebrity and talent. Honestly, even in Bluegrass circles there is Anglophile worship. Not to be confused with Anglican worship. He drew a fiddle out of a battered old case and set to with some lovely jigs and delightful tunes, many of them Swedish. He borrowed a banjo and gave a little reminder of where Bluegrass grew its roots.

Then we were invaded by the Germans, who brought harmonicas, guitars, and a concertina! Alas, they knew nothing of Bluegrass or even Zydeco but it was nice to have them along. The casual crowds just loved it all.

The holidays will likely continue to bring all sorts from all parts. Another visitor, a woman visiting from San Francisco, stepped right up and began sawing her fiddle and singing away. An oh! what a fine instrument her fiddle was. The head was a carving of an old bearded man and it had so many delicate flourishes of color and character as to gratify any devotee of the visual arts, much less the ears of those who heard her deft handling of that righteous and beautiful fiddle.

A gentleman from down Jean's way showed up with a bag full of fun in the way of a lovely bodhran, a washboard, and various sets of spoons. Now we're talkin'! He allowed me to admire and then play a custom set of honkin' huge table spoons, set into a wooden block for maximum control. Cajun style. I've only ever played the regular coffee spoons found in my kitchen drawer, so that was a real treat.

I was distracted by all the wonderful new people and their talents, although each kept prompting me to sing louder you have a great voice. Peeps, I just don't know the words, or I'd be wailing, trust me. But it's not the easiest place to learn words, there being no amplification, and no strong voices among the group. Still, my fingers ache and my dogs are barkin' after three hours of non-stop grinning and picking.

What did you do today?


folly said...

Well, I didn't play in a band today, but I put about two hundred rounds downrange and worked on my drawing and transition drills. I'm also getting ready to go shoot some quackers tomorrow. :)

Mmmmm. Duck.

It sounds like you had a wonderful day. May they all be as good.

GUYK said...

WOW! I may have to make a trip to the east coast just to hear the music! Anyplace around there for a S. Eastern Writers Guild conference?

Betsy C said...

Is that the farmer's market in the amphitheater? We stopped in there last summer when spending a weekend on Anastasia Island and enjoyed it a lot, I got some great herbs & spices from one booth. You make this sound so good I may have to drive down from J-ville just to check it out again.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Y'know Guy, I think it's about time. I'm thinking sometime around the Inauguration. The post-Christmas blues will need to be chased away. There's lots of RV camping areas at the State Park on the Island.

Hmmmm... Have to think on that some more.

Betsy, it's always worth a nice day trip just to drive A1A and cross the Usina bridge into town. Any other way in, and the cops will nail you for speeding. Um, if you drive like I do.

GUYK said...

There are several bloggers in your area and it is not all that slow from S. Florida for some in that area...

Betsy said...

I'm more likely to be stopped for driving while distracted than speeding... "ooh, look at that...shiny!" especially on a gorgeous day on A1A.