Nov 1, 2008

Some of the Wealth Got Unexpectedly Spread My Way

I made ten bucks today by playing my guitar! More than I'll ever make writing, I'm sure. Heh.

I didn't expect it, so it was a nice surprise when all the pickers and grinners added me to their tip-split at the end of the morning's small jam session.

Amazing to me, that folks are so generous in hard times, and are grateful for a little non-political entertainment. No views expressed, just a bit of fun music. The way music is supposed to be.

Sure, I've been a paid musician before, on a more regular basis. But this was a nice little recognition of the fun and serendipity of musical jam done solely for the joy of it, and sharing it with others for free.

Got to sing a little, too. It's just my third time with the group, but they're good folks and great musicians who seem to have accepted my talents as part of their group.

It's always good to have a skill to fall back on. And untraceable cash donations!


QP said...

Whadya sing/play?

Jim - PRS said...

Damn, where do I sign up? Hell, I'd pay ten bucks to play with those fine lookin' peeps.

Joan of Argghh! said...

We sang everything from Mountain Dew and MTA to some nice fiddle tunes I know not the names of, to some home-grown fun all the way to Werewolves of London.

I'm not a Bluegrass musician. It's new music to me, new techniques. Some of it quite simple, some of it mysteriously synchopated and shot through with clever changes and bridges.

So far, I'm keeping up, but it's hard to learn the words when all the music is wafting away from you up into the oaks and the crowd.

Irrelephant said...

Werewolves of London. Once again I have to admit, Joan of All Trades, that you rock. *g*

Mike said...

If you continue maybe you should stop reporting your "untraceable cash donations" on your blog. Spread Your Wealth police may soon be watching.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ah, Mike. I know you're gently poking fun at me, but as having been a waitress before, I am an old hand at under-reporting tips.

Did I say $10?


(Actually, as a waitress, I was despised because I would report all of my tips, making the others look bad. They complained so much, I finally quit.)