Nov 11, 2008

Too Bad Employers Don't Have Resumes, Too

You know, when a woman of my years and executive experience deigns to work in exchange for very small peanuts and a bit of breathing room while I'm recuperating from a long illness; and pushes hard to do an unheard-of excellent job for her boss; to know that the office manager and the real estate franchise owner think I'm the best she's ever had and they love me and my work; and to know how many before me have walked away from this young and very aggressive woman who is a leader in every area of her field, you'd think she'd learn a little respect and human warmth for such humbly happy employees such as I.

I needed further training in a matter that I did not grasp, and asked for same. But no, she had to treat me like some sort of five-year old and begin scolding. Even when I politely but firmly pushed back, in defense of my human worth and lack of training in things I can't possibly know, she just had to go freakin' crazy-bitch on me because she is, you, the Princess. Like something out of a movie, off-the-charts ...wait! I know. Like Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl. Surreal.

Seriously though, she was already getting a bit of a complex about her inability to keep good help. This morning I decided to reaffirm the problem, and help her see that after so many, maybe SHE is the problem.

Nah. I am sure I am as expendable as the next. Either way, the end result is a Good Thing.

Note to small-business owners: Don't EVER back a good employee into a corner so far that the only recourse is to walk. Unless you just have an endless supply of same.

Which explains why I'm blogging at 12:39. What's your excuse?

P.S. Yes, I know that makes for let's see... art gallery, social services, real estate... three jobs this year. This pirate town is a piece of work. I'm ready to go work in the big city up north again. I've never seen anything like this place.


julie said...

My excuse? I'm waiting for my RAM upgrade to be delivered, after which I get to spend the next two weeks working on a graphic design job that will mostly consist of entering text. The money I earn this time will not actually cover the cost of the CS3 software I just purchased for the project (at least, once the taxes get taken out; roughly 50%. Honestly, there's no incentive for me to actually work). But on the plus side, I'll finally have real Photoshop (as opposed to the dated version of Elements I've been using) and Illustrator to play with...

Re. employers, DH sees that mentality all the time at his firm - lawyers who treat the staff like low-caste peons. Some of them are incredibly stupid, but mostly they're not. He's always been one to treat everyone with respect, regardless of their job title, especially if by doing their job they help him do his more effectively. You reap what you sow. That's one of those "Secrets to Success!" that very few people seem to have mastered these days.

wv: frosin.
How does it know how my fingers and toes feel? Sure, it's 67 degrees in here, but it's a dry cool. Brrr!

pamibe said...

Do I have to say it? More blogging time.

'mouse said...

Joan: Ring, Ring

More time to watch videos!

Joan of Argghh! said...

'mouse, I saw it a coupla days ago and laughed me arse off!

BTW, you know what you haven't seen here since the election?

i'll wait...

Liberty Girl said...

Joke 'em if they can't take a fuck.

GUYK said...

Heh. Been there and done it more than once and that's why I wound up in the world of small business...and found that I was the meanest sumbitch that I had ever worked for!
But one thing about it when one is self employed..can't blame the screw ups on anyone else.