Nov 5, 2008

U.S.A.: 1776-2008

It was a fair run for a good experiment.

Too bad for the rest of the world, which enjoyed our fierce preservation of freedom. It made it easy for them to be reckless idiots with their personal freedoms. You should have never mistaken Euro-Socialism for a "superior world view" but recognized it as the naivetee common to children of privilege.

No. I'm not leaving my country. My country is leaving me. Little by little. Line upon line. Precept upon precept, it is changing.

Little foxes. (Go read your Bible, bitter clinger!)

I blame the MSM for complicity in becoming an de-facto political action committee. Orwell couldn't have scripted it better.

I blame the Republican Party which has gone along with this for the past eight years, perfectly setting the stage, lulling more citizens into the soft womb of government care. Not for love of people or country, or even philosophically, but for personal financial gain.

Unredeemable bureaucrats, every one. I'm done with the Republican Party. Hopefully, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent will run as the Moose Party in 2012.

Everyone is saying, "congrats," as though the mountain of illegalities and flagrant law-breaking is "politics as usual." Well, maybe in the New America it will be.

I lived in a Third World country for five years. The Socialist politicians grow very rich, but a curious thing happens: the people grow very poor while they enjoy endure their free healthcare and government issued milk and cheese. The trickle-up economic theory doesn't work. The black market thrives and becomes the wildest and most unregulated of business models and the anarchists are left with nothing to do.

It's your country now, voters. Enjoy what you make of it.

I won't. Forgive me for having a memory of Camelot*.


*No, not the JFK permutation of that fine Ideal. Although, "Ask not what your country can do for you..." was another fine ideal until LBJ decided to fund all the folks seeking to "do something" for to their country. With my money.


PeggyU said...

Joan: A virtual nation of conservatives was born from this mess. Perhaps we are a country within a country? Whatever comes of the America that was, I am glad it brought me contact with people such as you.

pamibe said...

What you said.

mushroom said...

Look on the bright side, we won't have all those celebrities moving to France and Canada ...

... because France and Canada currently have less socialist governments than ours.


GUYK said...

He, like I wrote this morning,

"I am looking forward to getting me one of those bumper stickers that says DON'T BLAME ME I VOTED FOR MCCAIN"

Obama has proved that we have the best politicians that money can buy..but whose money was it? I suspect that in the coming months instead of pulling the country together he will tear it apart as he tries to push the socialist programs that he promised..and if he doesn't push them the left will leave him..he bought it, he owns it, and now he has to take responsibility for it..something the left leaners have always had a problem doing. And I for one don't plan on making it easy for him. Fight him at every turn...maybe we can see if the pen is indeed mightier than the sword

Francis W. Porretto said...

"Take us the little foxes, the little foxes that trouble our vines, for our vines have such tender grapes."

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ah Francis, yes! Freedom is a tender and relatively new idea in mankind. I was beginning to wonder if someone would go there.


Alan Sullivan said...

Yesterday I even heard Bobby Jindal sirening about how Republicans must provide "solutions" for health care in order to recapture popular appeal.

People want the government to take care of them. They imagine government as a family, infinitely generous and forgiving. Republicans have refused to remind anyone that such expectations are impossible. They feared losing votes, but they have lost the votes anyway, because they stood for nothing other than a slightly less fuzzy embrace.

Wait until people discover Homeland Security enforcing for the EPA and arresting them for backyard barbeques. Then they'll learn what the embrace of government really means. But it will be too late.