Nov 11, 2008

Wherein I am the Worst Mother-In-Law Ever.

November 10th was the 1st anniversary for the newlyweds. Yesterday. When did I remember it? Today. About 4 hours ago.

Totally went past me. I can't explain it away or excuse it. I totally adore my shiny new DIL as my few faithful readers know. And I couldn't be prouder of the life the young ones are building together, as they catered their first official soiree in the chi-chi town of Charleston, to much culinary success and accolades.

Fortunately, I'm good at groveling. Besides, we all know we spend more on guilt-gifting than those self-righteously organized and thoughtful types.

Plus, nothing like setting the bar low for my DIL to live up to...

God continue to give you joy, dear ones!


PeggyU said...

Don't feel bad Joan. I once left my three-day-old baby at a flower shop accidentally. Well, you know what having children does to your brain!

I was walking out the door with a toddler in one arm, flowers, car keys and purse in the other. I felt like I was missing something, but I couldn't quite think what.

It is seriously embarrassing to have a person chase you down across the parking lot hollering, "Ma'am, you forgot your baby!!!"

The D.I.L. said...

Hey, you. No atonement necessary. Sorry I missed your call earlier- got out of work at seven and then crashed a Presbyterian Bible Study. I tried to blend in by dropping words like "sovereign."

Your boy did good last night, as usual. He planned a very classy date.

Are you moving up here yet? 'Cause we could buy a duplex.

P.S. The word verification has assigned me "carking." If it's not a real verb, it should be.

The D.I.L. said...

cark (kärk) tr. & intr.v. carked, cark·ing, carks
To burden or be burdened with trouble; worry.
n. A worry; a trouble: carks and cares.

[Middle English carken, from Norman French carquier, to burden, load, from Late Latin carricāre; see cargo.]

Joan of Argghh! said...

Girl, you are so funny. "Sovereign"!

The Charleston Grill and some fine Jazz is what I'm betting as your date. Nothing finer!

Love you!


Peggy, my parents once left my older brother at the zoo in Austin and drove 90 minutes before my crying sister was finally asked what was wrong... and that was when they only were five kids in the young family! He never quite got over that abandonment issue.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, you're even funnier! LOL!

You sure it isn't Car King??

PeggyU said...

Joan: My mom accidentally brought an extra kid home from the swimming pool one time. J.P. Burger was a stowaway in the back seat. Mind you, this was long before cell phones, and J.P.'s mom was frantic.

PeggyU said...

... I am afraid if my parents had ever left one of my brothers at the zoo, he might have become part of the exhibit. They are not well domesticated.

On another zoo note, my husband's brother's brush only with celebrity happened when the MGM lion peed in his mouth.

Sal said...

Congratulations to them and many happy returns!
I've missed ours several times, so move over. My flimsy excuse is that they eloped, so I have no wedding seared on my brain. (She still sends a Christmas card to the couple who were their witnesses- a lovely couple who just happened to be at the same scenic spot.)

My dad once left my four year old brother at the practice field, alone, after dark, on a busy street. We still remember that.