Dec 16, 2008

December Crickets and Beach Auras

The Pepper Dog and I were enjoying a sunny stroll on the beach when, around 2:00 p.m. the fog just rolled into the shoreline. The sun was shining brightly behind me in that photo, creating the aura effect into the fog. The point's east-west stretch was long enough to walk west out of the fog and take this cell-phone picture for y'all. Yeah, I'm a giver.

Now, back in the quiet of the Pirate Palapa, the sliding door is open to let in the foggy afternoon air and I can hear the muffled cadence of ...crickets! In December! I don't know why I've never noted them before this late in the year, but the fog has deadened the road noise and blanketed the rush-hour with an eerie quiet. 5:00 p.m. and it's a dead calm except for the crickets. It's not exactly "dashing through the snow," but I am tired of Christmas music already, anyway.

Pepper is on the balcony, her coat heavy with salt water, listening for something that's traipsing through the marsh, likely one of the large he-coons around here. Her ear is tilted down towards the muddy possibilities of adventure, but she's already had enough fun for one dog's day.

Some days, my little pirate town is alright.


pamibe said...

You do paint a picture, Joan. ;)

PeggyU said...

That's very calming looking :)

Anonymous said...

Pot of Gold looks to be in about 5ft of water. ;~)