Dec 31, 2008

Haiku the New Year

A confession right off: I don't dislike haiku in its traditional forms. I find the constraint of it to be much like gesture work in the visual arts. It has a requirement beyond the syllables, that one should meditate on nature, ask a question and answer it, or describe it, or speak of its surprise and delight.

I am sometimes able to effect a decent verse or two, but like most, the pure fun of just playing within the syllables is enough for an online bit of fun and friendly competition, such as is found at Sparrow's tonight.

I'm feeling a bit cynical so here are my entries:

My resolutions
end in sad resignations
leopard spots, dog tricks


I’m not in the mood
to meditate upon sins
I’ll commit again


So, why not click over to Sparrow's and give it your best shot?

Oh yeah, like you Slackers have a party to attend.

Actually, the Jolly Roger and I do have a Roaring 20's party to attend, so I'll leave you with a very sincere hope that you and yours will enjoy good things to come in the coming year. It's not like I'm gonna miss 2008. How about you?


leeann said...

I wasted most of 2007 and was sick most of 2008. However, from both of those years came lots of lessons and blogfodder. I'm hoping 2009 provides both sans waste and pain.
I envy you your party, but I am off to have a nice dinner.
I hope all you and yours have a wondeful, dooshbagless New Year.

Robin Starfish said...

miss 2008?
gotta be an idiot
to repeat that class

Happy NY, Joan!

[wv: crepyr] It was, it was.
[wv2: ditenwe] Yes we did, we did.

Jean said...

About the only good thing in 2008 was the wonderful new friends made.

Best wishes for a Happy 2009!

Anonymous said...

Soft, what light has broke
Upon my frozen fingers?
'Tis yet a New Year

And a frosty start to it here in the far North. Five degrees above zero makes for painful digits when they thaw.

Happy New Year!

pamibe said...

Happy 2009, Joan! Oh, I don't Haiku; don't have the mental capacity for it... must have been dropped on my head when I was an infant.

BUT happy new year, anyway! I always hope the future is better than the past...

Irrelephant said...

A roaring 20's party? Ye gods I miss civilisation. Any photos of you as a flapper extant? Miss 2008? Not particularly, but I try my best (and often fail) to look back with that winsome expression I usually get when doing foolish things like that. All the good stuff is in front of me now, the stuff behind is for sifting through when I'm a broken down old soul locked in a nursing home somewhere.

Happy Gnu Year!

Teresa said...

Happy 2009 to you.

Roaring 20's party... there are times when I wish I could take a step back to the 20's. Way less stress and no email. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hope you and the Jolly Roger have a wonderful 2009!