Dec 29, 2008

I've Found All the Missing Shoppers!

They are crammed into the thrift stores today.

Whenever I need to put together a costume, which is pretty often in this crazy town, I go to the thrift stores seeking material to scavenge. It's usually a quiet enterprise with maybe one or two other sojourners combing through the detritus of others' lives and assorted mumbling whispers from the staff.

I couldn't find a parking place near any of the three I visited today. Jammed up with Lexuses, Jaguars, Tundras, and SUVs. People buying nice clothes and furniture like there was no tomorrow. Long lines at the checkout. And the same people going from store to store. We struck up friendships and laughed like it was a neighborhood yard sale.

Maybe the non-profits will the only profitable retailers in the New Year.

I wonder who I'll see at the discount bakery?


Erica said...

I give you lotsa credit...I'll furnish my entire apartment with stuff from a thrift store or yard sale, but the only things I can't bring myself to buy are other peoples' clothing and couches and love seats.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, I haven't shopped for actual clothes in a thrift store in 30 years or more.

But I will say this, the Goodwill Store was as neat as a pin, organized, clean, and seemingly no ratty clothes or stained items. Everything seemed clean and pressed. I was amazed at the designer jeans that filled a long wall. For $6 a pair I still wasn't tempted.

GUYK said...

"Maybe the non-profits will the only profitable retailers in the New Year."

Well, along with four other retailers...three of them are food booze and the world second oldest profession..the first is begging because if men were not begging for it women wouldn't have got the idea of selling it.

But probably the most profitable will be the gun and ammo industry because of us white trash what cling to our guns and religion

hoosierboy said...

"Whenever I need to put together a costume"

That is a phrase I have never uttered in my life. What a life you lead...

Joan of Argghh! said...

All women wear costumes, every day. Trust me on this.

But because I am a licensed tour guide in a colonial historic town with ghosts and pirates well... you can see my dilemma.