Dec 9, 2008

Know What Makes You Sick? Work. And Church. And School.

Ever since the unfortunate business back in July, when my then-boss came to work with a hacking cough and fever and I had to spend the day cooped up with her in a small van, and then I got a roaring case of the flu and she denied it was her fault, and coupled with the overwork conditions and my near-extreme anemia and just hitting the wall, emotionally and physically-- ever since that day I walked away from full-time work, or work with tourists, I have not had the first sniffle or hint of a cold or flu.

My short stint with the real estate office was also very secluded, had my own little office with a door I could close. No germs allowed! No human interaction!

Way too many bloggers have been flu-blogging this past week. But since I am no longer employed anywhere, I am enjoying good health, so far. More workplaces should insist on making their employees work from home, sez I.

I don't go to church anywhere. I should, I know. However, that whole communion cup and "sign of peace" business is surely a test of one's faith in divine healing.

I don't have grandkids, or any neighbor kids to infect me, dragging home microbes by the billions from day care or school, although it would be a fair trade off.

Know what doesn't make you sick? Blogging. I think the whole key to staying healthy is to become a hermit. Which is easier these days, what with the Intartubes and all. Just gotta be vigilant about keeping the cookie crumbs from getting into the keyboard.


pamibe said...

Oh, THAT is why I stay so healthy. I'm an unrepentant, self-styled hermit. And now it's paying off big time... LOL!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hermit life is way underrated. We need better PR. It's not like there can be too many of us...

C.S. Perry said...

I tried the whole hermit gig.
All I got was drunk, a finished (but apparently unpublishable) novel and Not Laid.

I had to pump the brakes on that plan.

dogette said...

No doubt about it that mingling with humans is what gets you sick. Especially since most of them don't cover their mouths and noses and just run around TOUCHING everything with their snotty hot little fingers. Yeah I got your Howard Hughes germ phobia right here.

Irrelephant said...

Mine (not the flu, honest, just a good wild cold) came from Weerelephant, who is forced to mingle with vile, foul, sick little dirt children at her school.

Granted, if you can figure me a viable work-from-home job then I'm All About Some Of That. Most people just disgust me. *grin*

Mrs. Who said...

On the other hand, constantly being around sick kids DOES build up your immunity. In other words, *I* don't get sick...I just carry it home to the rest of my family.

I get my jollies anyway I can these days.