Dec 9, 2008

Obama's Old Senate Seat For Sale On Ebay!

Hasn't been pulled yet. Bids are climbing fast. You gotta see the picture of his seat! (And no, it's not the one that is still up, that is just a picture for sale. The one that got pulled was an electric chair; can't find a screen cap anywhere.)

Update: too late! It just cracks me up that Ebay can't go along with it.

Best comment of the day at Gateway Pundit: Why are they wasting time arresting these people in Chicago one at a time? -Pager

Seriously? That Obama was from Chicago was, and still is, my main objection to him.

FUNNY UPDATE: the latest IP address on my blog hits comes from THE SCOTUS itself. Someone was googling up "senate seat on ebay". Heh.


Robin Starfish said...

Blast. Missed it by that much.

julie said...


hehehe - wv says: "kilit" Obviously, Google's sympathies lie with eBay on this one.

Liberty Girl said...

Nobody got a screenshot?? C'mon people.

Mike Wilson said...

I'm about to go out and get plastered (yes it's Tuesday... what?) so I don't have time to go digging. But shouldn't have it? Or at least google cache?

mushroom said...

re: the SCOTUS hit -- I can imagine the Nine (weren't there 9 Nazgul?) crowded around Scalia's computer screen reading P/S archives.

Justice Thomas: "Dyamn!"

Ginsberg: "Why are my glasses fogging over?"

Stevens: "Why do they have all that scribbling on the television?"

Souter: "Let me know if you run across any, uh, you know like midgets, or whatever."

wv: hiessen

What do you get if you cross B. Hussein O. and a Hessian?

Joan of Argghh! said...

'shroom, that was GREAT!! LOL!!


PeggyU said...

I don't know which was better ... the thread or the comments!