Dec 31, 2008

Old and New

Out with the tired old stupid:

In with the new, truly stupid:

It does my heart good to see Bill Mahr AND his stupid audience reduced to jibberish. I have no idea what the late night so-called "comedy" writers will find to do after the One ascends to the throne, but then I stopped watching them years ago.

Update: I found a better example to go with the theme. Good thing I'm not a paid professional.

h/t: Mark Steyn

Welcome, Dogette fans. Just look at what she pointed to and please leave by the nearest exit. It won't get any better, no matter how far you scroll. -The Management.


dogette said...

I love Hitchens in that top clip. LOVE HIM. He said what I would say, and the flipoff was perfect. I'm gonna have to watch that a few more times just to savor it. Idiot Maher and his idiot audience, "mooing and booing." The point about the stupid "Bush IQ jokes" being SO TIRED ALREADY. The idiots in the audience still not getting it. Priceless.

I love Steyn's latest column in the print edition of NR as well.

dogette said...

"This is now the joke that stupid people laugh at."

EXACTLY. Thank you Mr. Hitchens, fo saying what I've been thinking for years.

oceanguy said...

Happy New Year!

Liberty Girl said...

I can't - I CAN'T - listen to that sack of shit talk. His voice, his face, HE OFFENDS ME.

I hope he cracks under the pressure like an egg, freaks out on national television. The indicators are there already, people. The empty suit is going to deflate dramatically, I just hope the cameras are rolling when it happens.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Whoa! OceanGuy!

Such an honor to see you here.

Happy New Year post coming later, right back atcha!


John Holton said...

Love both of these. 0bama sounds like any number of drunks on Chicago buses, and Hitchens flattens Maher, who utterly deserves it, the moron.

Happy New Year!