Dec 30, 2008

Slackers, the Velocigod is Behind by 6 Votes

So if you've forgotten about what's really, really important in this Holiday Season, please rouse yourself, kick off your shoes, roll up your pants legs and wade into the sewer that is Andi Sullivan's place and vote.
(Link fixed. )

Vote like a Chicago zombie! Vote like an Al Franken Election Board Reviewer. You got today and tomorrow to secure this thing for Mr. Crawford's Shelf of Shame.

Remember, Vman be a nice sort that never advertises, never has a tip jar (although he may ask for drinking money or other cultic offerings of monkeys or weapons), and only abuses his readers if it's funny or necessary. You know who you are.


leeann said...

Although I have the firm belief that if I ever met the V in RealFaceTime I would wet myself in terror, not having the verbal skills to meet his quals, let alone keep up... I keep following the age-old adage, vote early and vote often.
And so I do.

pamibe said...

Evidently my cookies keep me from voting more than once.

Just another roadblock in the path to democracy.

Mike Wilson said...

Sorry. That POS will never get a web hit from me.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, that's a fine sentiment, as far as it goes. I don't want to pay 50% of my income in taxes to pay for crap I don't want and people who won't work. But my small protest will be meaningless in the sea of the Great Good.

So also, are my lack of web hits to Andi's place.

No, this isn't about Andi, it's about doing something for someone else. Consider it a bit of Judo Journalism, to have Vman ascend to the throne of the Left's hatred. It will afford him needed presence in the publishing world, and he's got a bitchin' book that needs to be snapped up by some SMART publisher soon.

I would and have never linked to Andi for the sake of anything he's written, but I will link to his stupid poll for the sake of letting the Left know just how awesome our writers on the Right are.

Mike Wilson said...

Fair and solid points all.

Joan of Argghh! said...



Cappy said...

Vote for Pedro!

PeggyU said...

Is he actually writing that book?

Velociman said...

I'm afraid the fix is in. No way Andi allows me to revel in this. Why, I was supposed to be humiliated by this nomination! Not standing around with my thumbs hooked in my overalls, fingers splayed like some kind of neckbone Fosse dancer. Thanks for the hard work, though!