Dec 29, 2008

Testing Your Pathos Quotient

Won't take but a second. Just go here and tell me you didn't go, ooohhhh! Oh!

Note to my D.I.L.: make sure you are not alone when you see this.


leeann said...

I saw it this morning on Cute Overload and was immediately all "ooooh, poor baby!"
On the same theme... one of the more memorable stray kitties we were adopted by in Hawaii broke his tiny leg in a tree accident, and although we took him to the vet, we were terrified because we were dirt-poor, no way to afford extensive care. We told the vet the tale... stray, broke, etc.. and the vet's staff adopted the kitty then and there, gratis medical care and all. They kept the name we'd given him too... Godzilla. His cast looked just the same as the Oooooh kitty.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Our dog Gypsy had a puppy about that small, that got underfoot as I was climbing down a ladder. I stepped on its hindquarters and broke its back leg. I was maybe 10 yrs old. She was maybe 7 weeks old.

My sweet older brother rescued her from the hammer and had the vet fix up her itteh bitteh leg in a fearsome cast with a steel toe!

She dragged it around the place for weeks and at that point, had to remain as a member of the family.

Owsh, indeed.

C.S. Perry said...

That's 27 seconds I'll never get back.
You giddy little freak!
I'll get you for this.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Man up, CSP!