Dec 3, 2008

Tour d' Blogues

I know. You only come here for pictures of my tootsies. Too bad. There are other things to consider out there in the vast wilds of the Internet:

Heart Attack in a Skillet. Even the Hog On Ice would have to bow to this recipe. After eating it, you'll need this.

Out of ideas? Just go here and scroll and scroll and scroll... All sorts of design concepts all in one place. What a concept!

Best story to come out of awful tragedy: Og has the details. Click and read if you do nothing else today. It'll warm the cockles of your heart just a bit.

Via Resurrection Song, I am now officially going to be busy the rest of the afternoon.

Later, kiddos. I'll be back with my long-awaited *cough!* post about Gay Marriage.


julie said...

Thanks, Joan - now I'm going to have to drag myself away if I want to get anything done today!

Irrelephant said...

What, no tootsies? Damn.