Dec 26, 2008

The Weather's So Warm I Had To Shave My Legs

See what I mean about bloggers who give way too much information? It's the deuce, I tell you, living in Florida. We never get a break from the need for neatly grooming our beautiful tanned legs and painted tootsie toes.

Other good deeds today included finding a nice Sprint phone on the beach and being able to return it to its owner later, after calling "home" "mom" "dad" and finally, "Uncle Rob". Folks, I'm hoping you know your husband or wife's name and are smart enough to make your entries for phone numbers easily identifiable as did this young man. Husband. Wife. Brother, whatever. How about an entry for, "Did you find me?"

Speaking of electronic necessities, this has got to be the best eulogy ever offered for a Blackberry. It certainly spoke to quite a few commenters. Dear Suzette! Write about Extremely Important Fashion News and ...hardly a peep. But a small farewell to a departed communicator and the whole world has something to say. The comments really are wonderful.

I also found yet another length of line and tackle, with weight, hook and bait still attached to the leader, embedded in the shallows where I was walking on the beach. I had the good fortune to see it before Pepper or I stepped on it. Not like the last time. I returned it to its owner who was quite grateful. I wonder what fish snapped that line? (Note to insurance providers: it really is an accident that happens on the beach-- it's the fourth leader-line I've found-- and not on some fishing boat or while working. I had to answer your Grand Inquistor repeatedly about the leader-pin stuck in my foot. Luckily I had pics of my sandy foot to show him. That finally shut him up.)

A heavy fog rolled in to within about 2 miles of the beach, and a rescue helicopter was busy guiding pleasure boats back to the inlet. They had likely wandered out earlier in the day only to find themselves lost within a few miles of land, without GPS or means to find their way back. The jetties are notorious for tearing up boats that wander out of the channel, so simple as it seems, even with a GPS it would be a bit tricky to navigate the narrows safely in a fog.

Yeah, don't hate me cuz I went to the beach with Pepper Dog today. Me and about a hundred other folks had the same idea. I didn't spend a dime on this Black Friday, and I know that's so selfish of me, what with the economy languishing like it is. But when I have the top down on the Miata, the sunshine and salt air and a wonderful wonder-dog, it's hard to imagine anything else I might need.


pamibe said...

I didn't shop today, either. I've done enough of that lately.

Never stepped on hooks or accoutrement while down here, but sure did in Texas. The beaches down here are so different.

Beautiful day today; glad y'all got out and enjoyed it!

Irrelephant said...

Sounds like here (the weather, not the fish hooks.) Nothing but fog and rain and more rain and some fog mixed with the rain. Me I'm ready for a little cold. Like, you know, below 60.

SuperGurl said...

sheesh. i escaped to the mountains and it was warmer than texas. glad your holidays have been so filled with contentment. i'd say that's the best christmas gift of all. call me up if you need a dose of dysfunction, babycakes. i overflow for you.

Suzette said...

The blog reading public is not ready for the visible wiener of the president elect. I should say that I'll have to back it up to traditional female blog topics for a while, but really what could be more female that wiener watching?

I am ahead of my time.

Anonymous said...

... sounds like one helluva way to spend a day between Christmas and New Year...... I dropped the top on Sylvia yesterday........ no salt air though..... dammit....


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

It's been too cold here for me to shave my legs.