Jan 2, 2009

As Long as We're Profiling

Exhibit A:Muslims Kicked off Plane (h/t to LibertyGirl').

Nine Muslim passengers were kicked off a flight from Washington, D.C., to Florida after other passengers reported hearing a suspicious remark about airplane security.

Religious garb: check. Easily identifiable gang "tells": check. Members of a faith that has yet to denounce terrorism: check. "Safety" comments: check. My suspicion: "Religious pilgrimage" for all of us. No thanks.

Exhibit B: (thanks to Dogette):

Backwards cap: check. Flashing gang sign: check. (Hey, I'm not Hawaiian, it looks like a gang sign, okay?) Sloppy attire: check. Tons of attitude: check. My suspicion: a street thug, or someone who approves of and emulates street thugs. No thanks.

But will the DC cops pull him over? Will Congressional thugs ever get pulled over by the voters?

We do live in inconsistent realities. But I'll say this, the Muslim family seem like nice folk. If they are victims, as suggested, they are victimized by the actions of their own, not by reasonable doubts voiced by reasonable people. After all, flying is a delicate lesson in physics and as Liberty Girl notes, you don't get a "do-over" if crucial elements fail. Safety first.

Nobody's freaking out about Amish folks on a flight. I wonder why?



Sam said...

You are downtown with that!!!

PeggyU said...

Agreed! Unfortunately, innocent people will be inconvenienced because they appear suspicious. They seemed like nice enough folks, but I wish they had expressed their annoyance with the terrorists that initiated the profiling in the first place, rather than with an airline which had to address a potential safety concern.

GUYK said...

If it was little old ladies in tennis shoes carrying a guitar over their back what wuz blowing up airplanes then I would suspect all them little old ladies should be profiled...I just can't get to upset about profiling...