Jan 23, 2009

The Farce is With Us

h/t to Liberty Girl (damn, she kicks ass!) and this, from Fox News. Money quote:

Pressed further by the Politico reporter about his Pentagon nominee, Obama turned more serious, putting his hand on the reporter's shoulder and staring him in the eye.

I know I would've burst out laughing if that lightweight tried that crap on me while I was just doing my job. If I was the editor for those other fawning fan-boys I'd have fired them after seeing how they missed an opportunity to catch the Zero without a handler or teleprompter.

If you've ever read The Horse and His Boy you'll see what I see in this: the scolding look, the intense stare, the effort to wield some sort of magical power remindes me of the Calormene Prince just before he got hung up in his own armor.

Really, press corps, he's just a man. He has no magical power over you. Snap out of it.


Liberty Girl said...

I'd have laughed, then filed a freakin' restraining order. Do. Not. Ever. Touch. Me. You. Freak.

But you just KNOW he considers himself the pater familias for us all now. Papa Obama...it just fucking rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? *gag*

julie said...

It's not magical power that worries me about this; it's the power of the Chicago political mindset.

If nothing else, Obama can probably make it very difficult to be a DC journalist; safer to lob softballs than to throw too many fast ones and be removed, one way or another, from the ranks of those permitted to ask questions.

mushroom said...

It's his Shaka Zulu mode. Don't worry until he starts carrying a little toy assegai and having witch hunts.

Somebody might want to tell him that Zulus used Kenyans for paperclips.

Personally I prefer Chaka Khan.

pamibe said...

This was perhaps the one bright spot in a sobering week.

What a putz.

jwm said...

He looks like a televangelist 'faith healing' a shill.
Lawd, pleeze cure dis man of de chillblains an' fantods...


Yes We Did said...

Praise Him!

Praise The One!

Praise Obama!

John Holton said...

If he tried that with me, I'd kick him in the nuts. I can see that his intention is to rule by force and intimidation.

jwm said...

John Holton: That's one of the all time greatest avatars I've seen.
Very cool.


oceanguy said...

That still you posted makes him look like a street thug... just a bully shaking somebody down while his fawning crew stands by and laughs

Much worse is yet to come.

C.S. Perry said...

"Before the Dark Times...before, Obama."

That's it...I coming down to stay with you until this blows over.