Jan 31, 2009

Gary Larson and Human Nature

Only the truly gifted can accurately depict the wanna-bes:

Shamelessly lifted from Mrs. Who, who pilfered it from Conservative Punk.


Robin Starfish said...

We raised our son on Gary Larson. Turned out better than the Spock or Dr. Laura kids.

I'm sure you can make much more use out of this link than I can. Have at it.

wv: gooft

mushroom said...

Cool. I'll take a guess that Robin's son is very good at lateral thinking.

The only thing a B. Spock kid is good at is whining and claiming victim status -- probably 90% of Obama voters.

wv: codums -- Not sure if it means Barry and Biden or Barry and Michelle

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

That was the same Far Side I was thinking of when Zero tried to push open the magical window door.