Jan 16, 2009

The Hell That is Craigslist/Yahoo Job Postings

Take a tip from me, your happy job-hunting blog hostess: most jobs you see listed there are spam jobs, cut-and-pasted from corporate website job descriptions, and always offering unrealistic compensation or wildly varying pay range. Some, even go so far as to use corporate logos, all in an attempt to gain... I'm not sure what. Having my name, address, phone and a list of places where I've worked will provide them with... what?

Let me put my criminal mind to work on this: Hmmm... I call your former employers pretending to verify employment for you, the hapless "applicant." I find some young college grad chickadee trying to be helpful who gives out just a bit too much info, a SS number perhaps or enough snippets of it to help? [addendum: maybe it's just to help skip-tracers build a database for finding deadbeats?]

Some actually have email accounts that go to non-existent website addresses. What's up with that? Ya'll help out a girl here. WTF is going on? Why do they do all this, any ideas? [another thought: the placement agencies are doing this to clog up the landscape and drive despairing applicants to their door. Yes, I'm a cynical sort, but if it were my placement business sinking below the horizon, I'd get aggressively creative.]

It's a nasty world out there for the job hunter. I'm even seeing these spam jobs creeping into the paying websites like Yahoo and Monster. There must be money to be made in gathering this information, and it must be quite a bit of money, as the ads are not cheap.

Of course, if they're looking to steal money from the unemployed, it certainly is going to have to be a volume-based enterprise. Well, they're in luck, I guess.

Let's be careful out there.


leeann said...

The Husband has his resume up on Monster and we've gotten an average of one call a day from "insurance" agencies who basically are pyramid schemes. I guess they don't count on people being able to Google them and find out the truth of it.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I think employers have all succumbed to the "placement" industry.

Have you ever enjoyed the humiliation of those fresh-faced children seeking to help you find employment? Oh all kinds of fun!!


Nobody seems to value honest work, problem solving skills, and lack of drama. Management DNA is teh suck.

Betsy said...

Preach it sister. I've had my resume up on career builder and monster for a while now and the job listings I get have pretty much nothing to do with my skills and experience. I'm convinced that jobs for certain "schools" are listed only to help them recruit more students. I have enough student loan debt, thank you and if my MA isn't enough then I don't know what to say about that. They do keep telling me that if I'll upgrade my account it will be just so worth it. I remain unconvinced.

Joan of Argghh! said...

oh yes, and Apple One, et al.

I sometimes think it's the placement agencies just gumming up the works so that employers and employees can't find each other unless through them.

But then, I have a criminal mind. I just never act on it!

phoenix auto insurance said...

There needs to be an international effort to deal with cyber theives.

Bob said...

Good advice, Joan. Your cynicism is well-taken. Good luck to you!

Jean said...

Making notes here.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeah, girlfriend! I just got a couple of replies a few minutes ago.

One was "oh sorry, position cancelled due to economy but you seem like a qualified sort, go here..." directing me to an online "resume posting" site. The other was out-and-out phishing for credit info, which I reported to the government.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Well, it's been awhile since I went job hunting, I also found placement pukes inefficient and colossally stupid.

Which is why I just kept pestering businesses directly. That's the only way I could get work.
Eventually, you find a boss that will hire you, but it may take awhile.