Jan 13, 2009

Huh. Not a Political Phrase in the Whole, Short Speech

Sen. Inhofe makes a stunningly simple plea. I admittedly know little about him, except that he speaks more plainly than any politician I've listened to in the past year, and that includes Fred Thompson. Wait, he does use the political phrase, "abuse of power" but then it's really not so political as it is true:

He's launching a website, and asking for feedback if you're concerned about another $350B evaporating without a protest.

h/t: Pat Dollard/Young Americans.


Robin Starfish said...

Hell yeah. S-64 rises to the top of my jukebox playlist.

mushroom said...

I'd almost feel better if I knew they'd spent it on Escalades, coke, and hookers. Think how much money that would have pumped into the economy.

WV is on today -- "xrkleg" -- they're pulling our leg.

Joan of Argghh! said...

LOL, 'shroom!

Robin, I've been meaning to ask you about today's haiku. I'm too stupid to comment on why Amend 28 correlates with the pic.


Robin Starfish said...

Don't read too much into what I post at midnight. ;-)

But my spin was that there are currently 27 amendments to the Constitution and the post-effects of Congress fiddling with a bailout will require a 28th. Something like a repeal of the first 10 or something.

Which leaves us with the equivalent of a .22 caliber pistol against the Congressional grenade tossers.

Like I said...

Personally, I'd rather have one of these.