Jan 12, 2009

I Hate the National Media.

They hounded and harassed, attacked and needled until a sitting President is forced in his final press conference, to defend even his vacation time, pointing out the obvious that any citizen can guess: that the job follows him everywhere. He's forced to remind the Press that 30,000 people were plucked off of rooftops in New Orleans as an immediate response and please go interview some folks who were rescued and ask them if they think the response was adequate. He's forced to remind them that the National Security Briefing was a daily reminder of the weight and seriousness of the job. You can see they have no clue and could care less about Truth.

I think he did a lot of things that will have far-reaching consequences, some good, some bad. But no man who lowers himself as a true servant, to lift a nation of stupid people toward safety in an increasingly unsafe world, deserves the vilification spewed out by our national press. A man who visited (off camera!) hundreds of soldiers and their families, and who wrote thousands of letters of heartbroken sympathy, who alone bore the responsibility for sending young soldiers into harm's way. Meanwhile Congress creatures who also voted to send them, stood back and lied about everything, disavowed it, lied even more to secure their own comfortable publicly funded lifestyle while soldiers die. Don't see the NYT covering that, huh? Cowards, all.

He's giving a very candid press interview, but like Sarah Palin, cannot really unleash on the vileness and absurdity that he has endured at the hands of so-called guardians of the Fourth Estate. To defend against the cacophony of shriekers, at this point, sounds like whining.

And still he knows each and every name of those in the room, the mewling class, the hyenas who could not do his job nor bring him down except that they join and close ranks and bare fangs. Individually, they wouldn't dare.

Fuck 'em all.


sam said...

Right the fuck on!!!

C.S. Perry said...

I wish he could've run again.
But then...only a half-brained, Big-Government, socialist hack would try something like that.

(What? FDR? No, no...I didn't say that.)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Eh? I'm glad enough to see him go. He never did find his veto pen.

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Now blogger's getting personal!

mushroom said...

I liked Bush as governor of Texas and for the most part as POTUS. I will miss him. I will really miss Laura. Hillary, Laura, Michelle (aka, Aunt Esther). Which one is different?

Bush did several things I disagree with under the guise of "compassionate conservatism". A government cannot and should not be compassionate.

The bias, especially in the media, is for do-nothing lawyers as political leaders rather than someone who would make a good CEO or manager. Glibness does not equal competence.

Liberty Girl said...

"Fuck 'em all."

Motion seconded.

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Is it as dangerous as a grue? Halp.

Bob said...

Can I say Amen, when someone named Joan says "Fuck em all?" I just did.

Wonderful post!

PeggyU said...

Quite well said. I wonder if they will ever treat Obama with any of this disrespect. Some day the honeymoon will have to end.