Jan 18, 2009

Of Trains and Higher Planes

This lovely Pullman car as photographed by Mike Reynolds has had the distinction of hosting many presidents before Obama. It's practically a political institution in and of itself. It used to be my almost-daily companion, too. Here it is, working for its keep:

I used to have the privelege of looking upon that Pullman car almost daily, as my once-upon-a-dream art studio used to be upstairs in the old train station in the town where I used to live. Lots of beautiful club cars are lovingly cared for and restored in one of the last remaining privately-owned train stations in the South.

Here's that beauty at rest as seen by my own camera, up close, complete with spotty dog! You'll want to embiggen these pics:

It looks so lovely next to the palm trees, too:

Here's the old train station where my art studio was upstairs. The train tracks were directly behind me as I took this picture, and the train yard to the left. In the studio I used to have to hold my paintbrush away from the canvas as the trains rumbled by, which they frequently did, shaking the whole building:

Sometime if you're riding the Silver Meteor of the South, you may just pass right by these beauties:

Sigh. It was a wonderful place to catch the morning sun, let the air conditioners hum along and the mind wander to that place of perfect creativity, about as close to being and not-being as I'll ever achieve this side of eternity I suppose:



C.S. Perry said...

There are many things yet to discover on This Side of Eternity.

And what word is more frightening than: Eternity?

Irrelephant said...

One day. *s* I tell myself that a lot. One day, though, hopefully soon I'll ride in one of those elegant, graceful old creations.

I recently returned from a trip through Rummage Sale Heaven and came back with a mid 50's Kodak "Hawkeye" Brownie camera (with flash!) and three of those beautiful old steel oscillating fans, the ones with the almost-exposed metal blades and the gorgeous Art Deco bodies. Made me think about that old Pullman and all those old rolling beauties.