Jan 8, 2009

Please, don't bother

...reading my crap. Go see what Velociman wrote. It's not what you'd expect. Incorrigible as he is, he is so eloquently spot-on in this as to make one weep.

There is a strange convergence in the blogosphere today. Read Bill Whittle, too.

Freedom is on everyone's mind, and the cosmos is roaring at us.

Nah. It's all just an amazing harmonic convergence of coincidence, I'm sure.


Liberty Girl said...

Don't sell yourself short, you too possess poetry.

Sorry, that didn't sound like ME did it? Ahem... Don't sell yourself short, you too possess fuckin' poetry.


Velociman said...

Joan's work is far more eloquent than what I scribbled. Plus, I tried a post without cussing. Fucking sucked.

Joan of Argghh! said...

LOL at both of you!

PeggyU said...

It's been a craptastic day. In so many ways. For so many people I know. Your writings really capture the mood ... all of you.

pamibe said...

The Velocidude *always* rocks... and I was pleasantly surprised to see an essay by Kirk over on Big Hollywood!

All three of you were gobsmacked by the angel of self expression, though. ;)

Irrelephant said...

Crap? Pfui.

Mike said...

It occurs to me that Velociman's disgust with the left is no doubt proportionate to his love for the right. In a curved universe, the two sides head off in their respective directions only to circle round and meet again, taking turns running the same old show.

The largest prevarication is the one encouraged by both parties: Elect us and things will be different.

Regrettably, one lifetime of waiting for freedom is all I had.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, you may assume what you wish about the son of a Georgia Senator, but I'm on record many times and many places as saying, "you can put all the politicians in a canvas sack, tie it up, and hit it with a stick and be sure that you've struck the right one."

But I will have to disagree about the moral equivalences of the petty and expedient lies for personal gain as being the root of many an woe, and the horrific lies told not for personal gain, but for a pernicious ideological agenda which seeks to destroy, limit, pull down, and censor personal freedoms for "the greater good", "equality" and other proven damnable lies told by power-seekers.

But then, I've lived in a third-world country of socialistic equality, so I could be a bit jaundiced with it, just like folks who have lived with amazing freedom seem to become inured to its more shining benefits.

Mike said...

Joan, you misunderstand if you think we disagree about the damnable lies of power-seekers. It's just that I'd like to see more "equal-opportunity" blaming, because that might allow us all to see that the system itself is screwed up.

A few classical liberal stupids like me can safely be ignored. Though we have nothing in common with the the current "pernicious" crop of "liberals," we aggravate both sides by advocating freedom in its un-redefined, largely forgotten sense.

Sure, the American socialism served up by both sides today is much to be preferred to less benevolent versions of the same mistake in other countries. But even if one party actually slows the loss of freedom (that's debatable), wouldn't my support for that side be equivalent to approving the loss of freedom? Consenting to it? Asking for it? Perhaps even indicating a desire for acceleration in that direction?

Sorry, no can do.

But please forgive my contentious comments. If I stopped reading history and philosophy, maybe there would be less jaundice on MY part!

Joan of Argghh! said...

No, no Mike! My comment was predicated by yours but not entirely because of its content. I did not think it contentious, so much as it piqued another thought from me, and was more "for the record" for certain lurkers. Sorry for that as it wasn't my intent.

I don't think we disagree about classic liberalism, either.

My love for the Republican party died with misguided Bush Sr., and since then, with all the others who, for personal gain have gone along with awful lies just to have their own nest feathered. It's evil. I think Vman, in addressing those lies, rightly condemns any stupid GOP hack who wants to identify and go along with it.

But I do think it important, for the sake of accuracy, to note from whence the Lies are birthed into the political mainstream.