Jan 1, 2009

Things I Won't Be Doing in 2009

Peeps, I've been surfing the Intardtubes a long time and have seen maybe 33% of the following video clips somewhere before. That doesn't mean that the other 66% isn't worth your time. It's funny and wrong to laugh, it's okay to wince, and normal to think that the following people were dropped on their heads when young and have never recovered from it:

Forgive me, but I laughed and laughed. Oh, and the music is awful, so, you've been warned.


leeann said...

It's kind of like they were dropped on their heads when they were young and grew to miss the sensation.

Mike Wilson said...

See, what I don't understand and what I think is a great injustice is... why are there any skateboarders left?

I never wince when a skateboarder buys it. Ever.

Mike Wilson said...

...or the bmx bikers, or the nunchuck dude.

Some people just exist as pawns for the amusement of others.

pamibe said...

Holy, moly!

What this video is missing: live action of me being scraped off my horse onto a tree, bucked off, bitten and stomped.

Hey, it coulda been funny but the pain wouldn't allow me to laugh! ;)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hell, Pam, we'd pay good money to see that!


GM Roper said...

The music was indeed awful. Good thing I'm partially deaf.

Happy New year JofA!


PeggyU said...

Ow! That mousetrap bit made MY eyes water!

John Holton said...

Thanks, Joan. I needed the laugh.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I laugh every time I see it!


joated said...

I know it's not nice to laugh at other people's idiocy...but these jerks are a riot!

(BTW Your warning about the music was spot on but not strong enough!)

Mike Wilson said...

Ya know all this 'not supposed to laugh'ness has gots me noodle a-thinkin'.

So I'm gonna go on record with a position statement here:

Accidental foolishness oughtn't be the object of excessive scorn.

However, people who show a willful disregard for Newton's Laws in such a fundamental way, aspects of physics which are so strong and pervasive that they have a nearly intuitive place in our consciousness... they're hopeless tardburgers who exist entirely for the uproarious amusement of others.

"Ha ha, bad monkey, no biscuit!" Roflcoptr.

I wish very few people a Darwin Award. But if you earn it... you earn it.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Excellent observation, Mike. I mean, how hard is it to keep a few simple ideas in mind before doing something? Why are those who opt out of the foolishness looked upon as hopeless wet blankets?

Hold muh beer and huhwatch this!

Mike Wilson said...

I've done FAR more than my fair share of entirely stupid shit.

But every time I've done a face plant in concrete and people come over yelling "holy crap are you ok?" they're greeted by me howling with laughter.

Anonymous said...

OK, but it's darn funny. I thought the music was perfect; everything was perfect for a heavy case of groaning and wincing.

Warning: contains more mashed nuts than a bad day at the Planters factory.

The nunchuk (SP?WTF?) guy was AWESOME. Best part of the whole thing.