Feb 4, 2009

I've Been Invited!

My neighbor, the retired engineer, the one who insists that the Condo Association inform all residents when a train carrying nuclear cargo is rolling through town, who wants the condos to go "green" and install solar panels on each unit, now wants me to attend a meeting on The Economic Recovery.

Too bad I don't live there anymore, because this is what I'll be missing:

I know none of you go trolling on Leftist websites, and I would have never seen this marvel had I not been invited to a neighborhood spy session meeting. Click to embiggen the pic and look at the upper right-hand area... I can create a "MyBO" account! The email was from my.barackobama.com domain, too!

As exciting as it would be to join the cult, I think I'll demur on this opportunity to waste an hour on a Saturday sitting around and talking about things that stink like B.O.

There is no Hope for those affected by B.O. but we need to Dial it up a notch. It's no Secret that the term "B.O." carries a foul-smelling social stigma. You can Change shirts all you want, but without a Sure cure, B.O. is going to follow you to work, play, and now, even home, clinging to you like an IRS audit.

Ennyhoo, This mind-numbed Obama-bot is being a good boy and hosting a discussion of powerless implications, except to make people feel the good feeling of "belonging" and "being heard." Must be where that community-building grant money is going. Sadly, this kinda crap works: If we talk about it, then we've solved it.

Note to Michael Steele: The Republicans might be tempted to try to do this sort of thing, but like the Bible-thumpers, they can't have a meeting without passing the collection plate. Hell, the Republicans don't even pretend that you matter, they just ask for a check in the amount of ____.

At least Obama is pretending to want to cuddle afterwards.


leeann said...

But if you cuddle afterward, that stench is going to follow you around.

pamibe said...

I could have my own BO! What a revelation.

I'd rather not cuddle if I'm just going to get &%$!?%.

Suzette said...

My hairdresser tried to Obamanize me today but it was my first haircut in 10 weeks so i didn't dare risk open disagreement. I just let it wash over me. I hope Michael Steele's not mad at me for that...

julie said...

"At least Obama is pretending to want to cuddle afterwards."

Reminds me of something I overheard once, a long time ago, re the government:

"When the big man comes to f*&^ you in the a(*, don't accept a reacharound, cuz in the end, it's just him jerkin' you off..."

jwm said...

Joan, it would be most unwise of you not to attend your OFA group meeting. If you miss enough of them you're going to get a recommendation for some counselling, and if you refuse outright, you're in for mandatory sensitivity traing with three or five kindly facilitators of diverse ethnic, and GLBLTholdthemayo backgrounds who will, with some gentle persuasion, or maybe a little thorazine, set you on the right path. Remember your social consciuosness? Did it fade when the summer of love turned into the autumn of indifference, and then plunge into the winter of our whatever? And you don't want the condos to go green?!? (even if you don't live there) Think, Joan, of melting polar bears. Penguins languishing in the tropical heat. How are you going to feel when the sea level rises, and half of Upper Tonga is under water? Didn't think about that one did you-Huh? All those formerly happy indigenous peoples now crowded together on a tiny plot of ever shrinking beach, trying hopelessly to snag some unwitting dolphin for the communal stewpot while you have lunch at Burger King. Gaia weeps, Joan. And you and your ilk are to blame.
wv:shedlo (and well she should!)


Joan of Argghh! said...

I am so LOL'ing MAO at all of y'all!


jwm, man, you are off the chain...

wv: unkess (uncle in drag)

PeggyU said...

Oh, my word. That is funny and frightening at the same time. And that BO thing ... now I've got that Seinfeld episode running in my head ... along with any number of deodorant commercials

jwm said...

Organizing For America League (OFAL)


joated said...

Can't I just use a little white powder from time to time?

What?! I'm talking Shower-to-Shower here, all right?

Teresa said...

OMG - ROFLMAO. I was going to try and write something witty - but I simply can not compete.

C.S. Perry said...

It's not the cuddling that I look forward to so much as it is the smoking in the dark.