Feb 24, 2009

Six-minute Miracle!!!11!! FAIL. Miracle!!

WTF are the MSM drinking? How did Bernanke heal and destroy the stock market in 6 minutes?

If you click to embiggen you can see the two time-stamps on the different reports.

Update: Stocks are up!

What can you personally do in six minutes to change our economy, beyatch?
Bernanke is a god. Only he can perform this miracle.
Forget it. I got enough for an RC and a Moon Pie.
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joated said...

Well, I thought this might be one of them rhetorical dohickies but then I remembered how Sen. Dodd (D-Conn) can open his mouth and cause bank stocks to nose dive so I guess these guys are really, really good at bringing things down.

mushroom said...

Do the Yankees even know what a Moon Pie is?

I can't imagine why the February consumer confidence index is down. These guys really seem to know what they are doing.

PeggyU said...

I'm not sure if I know what one is, but maybe I do.

My grandma used to buy these things that were like big cookie things: two wafers, with marshmallow in between, dipped in either a banana or chocolate coating. I thought they were called Moon Pies, but I may be mistaken. Whatever they were, I liked them.

Mike Wilson said...

Same way this tard knows what the messiah is going to say in a couple hours (and did a few hours ago.)


The Maximum Leader said...

Mmmmm... Moon pie...

I eat about 1 moon pie a year. I don't know that I want to blow it so early in the year. I've been primed by our leaders to expect the worst. So I'd better hoard that delicious confection until things get worse.