Feb 11, 2009

To Paraphrase Chris Rock...

...All he's doing is offering Diktat.

Medicare and Medicaid are already bankruptcy-inducing programs created not to actually, you know, care for you, but to help you shuffle off this mortal coil as quickly as possible, with as few assets as possible.

Young skulls full of mush, I don't care what your political bias might be. If you think your so-called legislators are actually showing compassion for the poor and elderly, well --you just might be surprised to find that they really mean you.

They certainly don't mean it for themselves.


mushroom said...

Younger people probably don't remember the days before Medicare when you could actually afford to pay for doctor and hospital care. Doctors would come to your house, even.

Government is bad. Government IS the problem.

GUYK said...

mushroom is right...seems to me that medical care has become a lot more expensive since medicare and medicade came into being

ZZMike said...

There are already a few pretty nasty provisions in the health care laws. The one called HIPPA - a "privacy act" - means they can't tell anyone outside the family anything about your condition. So if you're a live-alone old man, and you fall over and get taken to the hospital, and end up in a coma for a while, your friends will never find out - other than you're not around any more.