Feb 10, 2009

Yeah, I'm a bit preoccupied.

Must be a lot of that going around.

In other news, I saw a little red fox just about to jump in front of my car on the way home tonight.

"No, little guy!! Don't cross the busy highway!"

And for some reason, that moment haunts me. He looked up, reconsidered, and stood his ground. Damn, but I would've grieved to have to run him over. So beautiful a creature. A little red fox, lost in the suburban preserves, guant and needy.

Some days, you're just glad for LIFE, in whatever celebratory moment you can find it.

Ya'll be blessed and grateful, or I'll come over there and kick yo' cracker ass.

That is all.


julie said...

Yes, ma'am!

Froth said...

It's true. It is all good and quite often entertaining, too.
Naturey sorts of inhabitants help us realize that.
Unlike idiots.

But, we are very blessed.


mushroom said...

The red fox is an cool animal. I love 'em. There's no way I could kill a red -- a gray, maybe, if it was causing me trouble.

I'm pretty cold-blooded about killing some animals -- coyotes, for example -- with guns or bows under sporting conditions, but I don't like to hit anything with a car. It just seems wrong to me. I swerve to miss turtles. I'll slam on the brakes for any of God's creatures -- except snakes. (I slam them on for snakes, too, but just to get the wheel to catch and grind them in the pavement.)

Celebrate life. It's a good day.

Whoa! wv: knock -- seriously -- and the door shall be opened.

PeggyU said...

Every day is a gift, isn't it? Although some days it's a booby prize.

Anonymous said...

Dog or Vixen, it probably heard you. They're so wary of us they seem telepathic. If it looked gaunt, probably a Vixen that recently popped a litter. Where you live there's less of a wait till Spring breeding effect hence almost a constant breeding cycle. She was probably out looking to pounce on a bunny, mouse or the neighbors unsuspecting cat. heh Appreciate every one you see, they don't live very long lives, three or four years. That, plus the uniqueness of every life make seeing one a keeper of a moment. We have plenty of 'em around my way and because of an abundance of food sources they've been getting much bigger over the last ten years or so. An interesting effect. Their competition arrived, following the white tails, about two years ago, coyote, probably disrupt their numbers a bit. xo ;~)

Betsy said...

Blessed... check. Grateful... check. (Temporary whine-y-ness over at LP notwithstanding.)
No a$$ kicking required. Carry on.

Sam said...

Come on baby...bring some Pain with you. I'm not sure we'll have any ass kicking going on, but we will have a nice dinner and a bunch of wine.


LauraB said...

Och, it's true...
Good reminders and they often come just when we need them.

GUYK said...

I don't like to run over animals of any kind...sometimes it damages the vehicle and there always seems to be blood to clean up. Besides, by saving that Fox you probably caused the death of at least two mice, a tree rat, and a chicken every day of that Foxes life! You are to be commended...

Irrelephant said...

Life likes to do that to me--show me a little slice of something utterly wild, utterly beautiful. I don't know if it's intended to remind me to be thankful for what I have or to be reminded that I've got way too much and need to pare myself down.

Namaste, Joan. Thank you for not hitting it. *smile*