Mar 21, 2009

All This Ugliness. . .

. . .Could have been avoided if you peeps woulda just gone along with this.

I wouldn't be selling insurance, and you'd still have plenty of money in your 401k. But no. . .

Dax is doing a good job of raising the alarm for things easily predictable just a few months ago that are now coming online. I didn't use the word inflation, at that time however, because it's a meaningless political phrase nowadays. Let's call it what it is: counterfeiting.

Thanks to Jimbo for this excellent link, as well.

Again I ask: Why pay the government before April 15, while money is still worth something?

Do you owe taxes? How about asking for an extension for filing? Businesses do this all the time, but regular worker bees don't consider it. Use your money while it's still worth something, give it back to the government after they've devalued it. That kinda small stuff adds up quickly when multiplied by millions. And it will cause extra work for the IRS drones. It's not like there's money to hire more of them.

People, people, people. Tea Parties are fun. We girls should know! But I'm begging you to shut off the flow in every practical and prudent way available. They've brazenly proven that they will listen to nothing but money.

Time for your money to talk. Make it say, so long, suckas!


pamibe said...

This is the money quote, at least for me:

"We need some old-fashioned Russian dissidents from the Cold War era to teach us the thousand ways there are to aggravate a politburo with paperwork."

Robin Starfish said...

Do you owe taxes? How about asking for an extension for filing?

The good bit here is that you owe taxes and don't expect a large refund, which is just bad money management. Extensions - absolutely - everyone should be doing it all the time, not just now. You'll still have to pay a good percentage of the amount due up front, but meanwhile the rest is working for you and not the fracking frackers of Fracktania.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

That's a great idea, Joan. :^)

Ricky Raccoon said...


We go over the wall at midnight.

Pass it on.

Sal said...

I've been a good girl, paying the estimated portion right along, but no more.
They can just wait for it, now.

QP said...

I suspect that only a National Taxpayer's Revolt will get the guvment's attention.

Tea parties this year, a tea bag with tax return sin dinero next year.

Anonymous said...

I believe you must pay 90% of the estimated tax due with an extension request. If you substantially underpay, guess what? Penalties are added.

Joan of Argghh! said...

MM, sure it's a bit more work and only for 10% withholding but it's 10% that you get to control instead of them. Is it more paperwork for you? You betcha. Is it more paperwork for them? Multiply it by millions and hell yeah.

Grind 'em to a halt.