Mar 24, 2009

Exclusive TOTUS Scoop From Iowahawk!!11!!!



julie said...

Oh, that's what the "T" stands for!

Wildwoods Retreat said...

Well, wasn't that just the pits to listen to...kind of makes me love the teleprompter...Obama, not so much.

pamibe said...

Teleprompter for President!

[Hey, it would be better than obama.]

Sal said...

I was wondering that myself.
'Tool', perhaps? Tormentor? Tyrant?
Loved thia during the campaign. Even more on-topic, but less funny, now that he's Prez.

wv: dictss. Why, yes- they are.

Bob said...

Hold on a second? How much more time do you want, Barack?

dogette said...

"cold USB inputs"

Totally cracked my shit UP.

John in May-retta said...

0bama sounds like Porky Pig without the TelePrompTer.