Mar 2, 2009

Hammering Steele into a Plowshare

Yeee-ouch! Steele's been served. I paraphrase:

"You are not the de facto head of the GOP. You are the chair of the RNC. The head of the GOP is the millions of people across the land who hang up on the RNC when they call asking for donations. If you would be the head of the RNC, see about getting our primary system fixed so that Democrats do not choose our candidates. Stop trying to be a talking head on the television and get busy fixing the primary system."

He's calling him out, "where are your guts?"

Gutless. Frightened. "Why are you asking for donations? If the purpose of the RNC to support the success of Obama's agenda, then please stop sending me your press releases. PR flacks. Special interests. Why do RNC PR flacks beg to get on my show?"

He's enumerating his former unwavering support for Michael Steele during his campaign and how he's defended him in rough times. Now he's positively wailing on him. Deservedly.

Can't wait for the transcript.


QP said...

On your previous post you wrote:

>>"And now you, young Republicans must do a different sort of work, if you can: teach."<<

C.S. Lewis foresaw a society where the cultural elite, via the educational system, served as gatekeepers to the ruling or Managerial Class.  To gain admittance, you must appreciate the same literature/art and echo the same evaluation of it.  Those who expressed a differing opinion did not advance.  That society has materialized.

We are engaged in a competitive search for customers.

Sad to say, but I don't see many customers looking to be taught how to fish for themselves. I don't hang up on the RNC, I just channel my inner Rush!"

PeggyU said...

One thing I think the left completely misses, and that Rush so fully gets, is that it isn't the man we are so wild about ... it's the ideas. Rush just expresses them well. This boy nails it. Any conservative who would act on those principles could assume a leadership role. He (or she) doesn't have to be an orator, but he does need to have focus and conviction and be honest.

GUYK said...

Heh, I saw this morning that Steele apologized to Rush. But I think Steele has shown his true pun intended.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Steele is a Black Nation plant.

D.C. politics is full of them. The Good Old Boy white guys fall for it every time, and I laugh and laugh because the GOB's had it coming to them. However, most normal folks take people at face value regardless of color.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

"However, most normal folks take people at face value regardless of color."

Aye. And Steele is two-faced. His "apology" to Rush aside, it's telling he hasn't apologized for not responding to Hughley's Nazi smear of the GOP.

Oh wait, sorry, Steele did respond. He nodded his head. The Gestapo will be proud.