Mar 28, 2009

How Can All Those Hidden Assets Add Up to Political Neutrality?

If bankers were really our problem, why isn't Congress demanding that we invade Switzerland and sieze assets? The IRS is having trouble getting any more blood out of the home-grown turnips and is now looking across the pond.

I'm thinking it's a war the Left could really get patriotic about, but they'd have to acknowledge that it's okay to invade a foreign country and depose financial dictators for the good of global stability. And the Right could scream, "no blood for gold!"

Over 52,000 US citizens have hidden assets there.

I'm not sure Congress really and truly wants the UBS to comply, and I'm just guessing it's more of the mock-shock we get when our elected officials want us to think they're actually doing something, when they're actually colluding with the "enemy."

But it would be an interesting list. Heck, I don't even care about names, just tell us how many of them are congresscritters.


Hammer said...

I was just about to say..congress better make an immunity and non-disclosure law to protect themselves before they start looting bank vaults.

Mike Wilson said...

See what's going to happen is more stuff like the horrible problem the code pink people are going through now.

Now that Bush isn't in office, the wind has been taken out of their sails. I caught a couple articles about how conflicted they are about protesting against our (escalating) participation in the middle-east while That One is in office.

As these things turn on themselves, the louder they were, the more this is going to reveal itself.

Now, I don't so much as hope it'll change much. But it will help highlight the fundamental lie that is populist liberalism just a little more.

They don't believe their own bullshit. Never have. It's a bit of an inconvenient truth.