Mar 1, 2009

Michael Steele, PJTV, and The Corner can all kiss my ass.

The Media (including Hollywood) has done its work well over the years. The relentless criticism, the belittling, the jeering and mockery have done what guns and evil plots for world domination could have never done to the Republican Party: made it ashamed of itself.

Every Republican who fawned over Michael Steele because of his color deserves to be ejected from any rational conversation about leadership. Good grief, people, if the Democrats can sustain crazy Uncle Joe and bigots like Byrd, why can't we stand a bit of a good-natured asshole like Limbaugh? I've never seen him spew spittle like Barney Frank or Jeremiah Wright. I've never seen him angry. Passionate? Elevated rhetoric? Sure. But never angry.

The Corner, that bastion of self-doubting Conservatism, was eerily silent today, even for a Sunday. It will be amusing to see what the "elites" come up with, but it looks like the fix is in and everyone in the GOP got the memo. Ixnay on the Ushray. PJTV's home page has not a word. It's all Tea Party CPAC. Useless sell-outs to their own investment concerns. I don't necessarily blame PJTV for wanting to succeed, but to do so by shutting out, by cherry-picking, and muzzling the mavericks just looks really bad.

I'm no rah-rah for Rush. I think this is the first time I've ever posted on him. But I did listen carefully to his entire speech and I read the transcript, and I've mulled it over for hours now. I have to say that if plain speech, good humor, and direct truth is too much for the Republican Party to stand behind, then Rush is exactly Right. The Republican leaders continue to let circumstance, process, and the Media determine who they are and what they should do.

Rush set no policy, gave no marching orders, had no plan, no 12-step agenda, made no political play for himself. He is not an angry man except to the foppish crowd that thinks a raised voice and aggressive passion is tantamount to terrorism. Because clearly, they are terrified.

You want to degrade his speech on some sort of intellectual and dispassionate evaluation, fine. But I am disheartened to see so many on the Right being lulled by the false-sirens of "intellectualism" instead of intellect. I didn't see stupid or angry people in that room with Rush. I saw people. Just people looking to lead their party out of the Night.

Remember when our own party voters were something to be respected? Now we have to label them with vapid and ultimately useless categories of political elevation. As though Sarah Palin's governing record didn't speak to administrative prowess and an ability to get things done, and a heart for Conservatism. What more do we need in a leader?

I don't want Rush to be President, he'd be lousy at it. But I don't have any problem with his discourse, his views, or his core beliefs. He laid bare the very soul of both Democrats and Republicans and stood up for Conservatism without once mentioning Jesus, (so Allahpundit can rest easy!) or abortion, or gay marriage. That's more than any Conservative since Reagan has been able to articulate. And Rush can say it, because he is unafraid.

I now believe him when he says he is the Last Man Standing.

All the rest are kneeling at some other altar, hoping for something that won't make them look silly. Way too late for that. While they worry, they keep dreading that some jackbooted Conservative Christians will march into their bedroom, and it never happens. They keep waiting for someone to burn books and demand that everyone believe in God or else. And it never happens. It never will. Not from the Christians, anyway. . .

But here's an easier measure of what happened at CPAC on its closing night: after seeing that impassioned plea for the heart of Conservatism to continue beating, I feel hopeful about my country for the first time since McCain was nominated. [Which was the beginning of my despair.] I feel strengthened to not give up on building a future, as I confess I've been tempted to do.

But more than anything, I know that Liberty is unafraid of the Night. Let come what may, the darkness has never overcome the Light. It is enough that someone is still holding the torch aloft.

As for the rest of the lot, hope they all have a grand time espousing their intellectual views in the blind night of socialism.


jwm said...

WV: burose
If it isn't a word, it should be and it'd be a good one for your post. Bravo. I've never been a huge fan of Rush. I always listen to Prager, who has the same time slot out here. But I read the transcript of his speech this morning, and he not only hit the bullseye, he blasted the whole target. Perhaps Rush is this generation's Will Rogers. I don't know. But right now it seems like he's the only one outside the blogosphere who has the balls to tell the damn Truth. Great post, Joan.

btw, check out who got quoted at American Digest ;)


Joan of Argghh! said...

Woo-hoo! I'm impressed!

Thanks for your kind words, j.

USMC 9971 said...

Ooh-rah, Joan! Excellent post.

I was able to catch Rush's speech today, and he was clear, concise, and dead-on.

And so are you, which is why I am always checking in.

Cappy said...

The GOP ultimately will have to find someone to articulate an alternative to Obama. So far they haven't been doing a good job, and Rush has.

mushroom said...

Well said, Joan. You are a national treasure.

To paraphrase someone, conservatism has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and not tried.

The difficulty the Real Conservative™ faces is that the liberal can just offer the voters more stuff. The closest thing the RC can come to doing that is to say we'll cut your taxes. Republicans of the "compassionate conservative" stripe have tried to do the same thing as liberals for the past eight years and so they are in the wilderness.

PeggyU said...

Actually, I have to admit, I love Rush! I would like to know what it is that people object to about him. His speech was the only part of the CPAC coverage that I watched. I hadn't realized it was on, one of my friends just happened to call my attention to it. And it struck me this way: He was not using a teleprompter. He was able to sustain his speech for the duration because he believed what he was saying. That was a speech from the heart, if ever there was one. I don't know why, but it reminded me of Tony Snow. No canned speech can do that.

Mrs. Who said...

Wow. Just wow. Excellent commentary.

But more than anything, I know that Liberty is unafraid of the Night. Let come what may, the darkness has never overcome the Light. It is enough that someone is still holding the torch aloft.


dogette said...

I do like Rush and always have, maybe because I just listen to what he actually says and I enjoy the way he says it. Then again, I'm a simpleton. And yet, I sort of think it somehow became fashionable to say you don't like Rush, like saying "I don't watch TV."

It was a great speech.

GUYK said...

"He laid bare the very soul of both Democrats and Republicans and stood up for Conservatism without once mentioning Jesus, (so Allahpundit can rest easy!) or abortion, or gay marriage."

Yeah, I was impressed with his speech. A lot of republicans were not...but then one should not use republican and conservative in the same sentence any more because the republican party is not a conservative least not yet. In fact, there is not much difference between what the republicans have done and what Obama wants to do except Obama wants to do more of it!

When I see a budget bill without republican ear marks and when I see every republican in congress stand together against Obama and his spending bills then I might once again support the party.

I figure the best thing that could happen is for the true fiscal conservative republicans and the few fiscal conservative democrats (year there are seven or eight)to leave their parties and form a new conservative party whose platform is built on fiscal conservatism and tough love' know, that kinda love that forces people to take care of themselves? And this is what Rush was preaching the other day...

Velociman said...

The GOP elite have always been a bit embarrassed about Limbaugh, since he not only doesn't have an Ivy League pedigree, he never even graduated college. He self-taught himself pretty well, though. He's considered a mere gadfly by the GOP. It's really a shame. No, I rarely if ever listen to him, but I'll read his editorials and speeches.

The Corner is always quiet on Sundays. I believe it is an unspoken rule observed by everyone because working on the Sabbath offends Kathryn's sensibilities.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Nice try, Vman, but I've been reading The Corner daily and they are always the ones who stink up my Reader with 50-75 posts a day. If they've quit on Sundays, it's news to me.

Today is Monday and nary a peep. I love Jonah and Mark Steyn, but they are being held ransom for milk money for their kids and family and so must toe the political line as well.

Bob said...

Maybe it is because he is self-educated that he is so well grounded in conservative philosophy. Nothing watered down about Rush. He did not say anything at CPAC that was any different from what he says daily on his radio program. I do listen daily, and I recommend it to all conservatives who love to boast that they do not listen. Rush understands what liberals are all about: power and control, and he stands up to them every day, because he cherishes his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. P.S.: why do you think he would do a lousy job as president?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Rush is not an administrator, team player, or really even a great leader. It's not in his DNA to conform to the rigors of daily disciplines beyond his own interest. That is not a negative. It's what makes him the cosummate orator and idea man he is.

Same with Newt, on a more esoteric level. His mind is non-stop brilliant with a thousand great ideas a minute. That makes him a great think-thank leader and policy shaper. Not a president.

Bob said...

Maybe. But if he were given a mandate by voters to lead this country, I think he would be so humbled that he would devote himself to the task, just as he has devoted himself to building his radio program; in fact, much more so.

CastoCreations said...

I listen to Rush almost every single day. He is NOT afraid to tell it like it is and stand up for conservative principles.

Did you hear the crowd ROARING during his speech? They loved it. It WAS defining true conservatism.

I have become very disillusioned with the GOP "elite" since the election last year. They really do seem to only care about keeping their status quo and invitations to the "right" dinner parties. :(

Teresa said...

What we need - desperately need - is someone who can speak as clearly as Rush did in that speech and is also a politician.

Rush is not a politician and he doesn't want to be. What he proves constantly is that he can speak to his beliefs. Stand by his beliefs. Hold to his beliefs. All in the face of tremendous opposition.

Sadly, since Reagan, I haven't seen a single Republican come even close to that. And that is the true shame of the party.