Mar 3, 2009

Obama is smarter than all the combined minds, interests, and personal investment that exists in the Stock Market

He is! He has arrogantly dismissed the Dow as nothing more than a political poll. I swear he did. I heard him say so.

Yeah. Hope and Change. You're soaking in it!

A small ray of hope exists for me in the thought that, regardless of every power possessed by the MSM (now, "butt-boys" as Rush calls them) to persuade, obfuscate and outright lie for Obama, the one thing they cannot prevent is our viewing of our own financial statements. There is precious little there for him to hide behind, and nothing so focuses the muddled political mind as personal penury. Obama had better hope he has the physical muscle to back up his theft.

Conversely, the troubling thing is that Obama is seeing our financial statements too, but he's just looking for whatever's left.

What's in your wallet?

Capitol One


mushroom said...

As they say, never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity; however, I'm thinking "both (a) and (b)" may be the correct answer.

I was kind of expecting a decent rally off the drop yesterday until Tim the Turboman and Bambi started flapping their gums this morning.

Skully said...

LOL! Obambi...the ass pirate!
Feh. He still looks like a cabin boy to me.

Sam said...

Seriously, I just had a "come to Jesus" conference call with my broker, and others who put bread on their tables by managing other peoples money. I have many good friends who are financial advisers. They can't all be wrong.

It wasn't good...not good at all.

We are in very very deep shit.

'mouse said...

I looked at my financial statements. Eight years after your team took office my net worth is back where it was ten years ago. Obama's been in office dealing with this shit what, 50 days?

I don't think he's the messiah. He's a smart, well educated man who subscribes to a different set of political beliefs than you and your commenters subscribe to. He got elected by a majority of the country. Next time, if your guy doesn't go off and self-destruct, maybe power will shift back the other way.

Also, that "cabin boy" comment is sad. It says so much more about the person saying it than about the POTUS.

Please excuse me for interupting your echo chamber. Carry on.

Joan of Argghh! said...

'mouse, if you'd email me, I'd like to discuss further with you.

However, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and others consistently resisted any attempts to curb the artificial housing market for years, even at the urging of the hated, horrible GWB, who went along with every Democrat wish for eight years. His policies certainly weren't Conservative.

If your intent is for our country to become Communist, which in every historical and unbiased view it would appear to be headed that way, then yes, it is time for you to find your own echo-chamber.

But I do wish you'd drop me an email. You may be surprised at my decidedly mild reactions in public, in comparison to the private hell the Left and its policies has created for me.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, and, Wahhh!

The Left has been dealing the hate for eight years in a breathtaking fashion, and you get offended by a sailor's remark? Skully is a USN retiree and we have a pirate theme here. I understood him perfectly. Get a grip.

There is not the first bit of race-baiting or mongering on this website, regardless of the shabby treatment many have received at the hands of those who would have them believe that "equality" was the goal all along, when in fact, "retribution and revenge" is now rearing its ugly head. If you doubt that, you need to get out of YOUR echo chamber and scan some rather popular entertainment videos as well as some of the inauguration recordings. You never will.

I've never despised any person for the color of their skin. NEVER. It's not in my DNA, my upbrining, or my social circle. Throw it at me if you think you can make it stick, but that's pretty weak tea.

Character counts. Obama's breaking promises at a record pace.

'mouse said...

Joan, I love you to death and if I ever have time/energy for debate I can't think of a better person to debate with.

However, please understand, I'm not a defender of Obama or Democratic congresscritters and I'm not going to get sucked into the whole, "the Democrats shoulda controled Bush" or whatever argument. Lobbyists and politicians and greed and laziness allowed the country to get looted by a lot of people playing with imaginary and/or other people's money.

This is one of those once-every-70 years or so corrections. I'm not advocating communism will fix it. I am advocating that the government, which is in a position to "do something" listen carefully to the best minds of our generation (whoever they are), think carefully, and then make the best decisions it can. Hey, I can dream.

Meanwhile, I have to laugh at any non-rich Republican shouting "communist" or "bend over" al la Limbaugh. That's only one step less useful to society than hiring lobbyists, buying the current round of politicians and going right on feathering one's nest, like any smart/rich person is doing right now.

Funny thing is, like that guy who's the head of NetFlix who says he wouldn't mind paying more taxes, I'm going to come out of this recession/depression better off than I went in, relatively speaking. But I still feel bad for my neighbors and friends, republicans and democrats both, who are equal-opportunity losers of jobs and houses.

Margarita-time. I'm out of here.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well I suppose Lawyers and Bartenders thrive in good times, and moreso in bad.

Belly up, 'mouse, I'm pouring.