Mar 30, 2009

That Does It. It's Time.

Over at Hot Air, Allahpundit posts an MSNBC video of our newest Brit sensation, Daniel Hannan, chiding the West for weird, wasteful spending. What's amusing is the gobsmacked and deferential silence accorded him by the talking heads. Even when he's done, all they can remark on is a funny word-picture he threw out. Likely they didn't understand a word of the rest.

However. As I remarked there, and have groused about before, why oh why do we need the authoritative British accent to call us to task before we'll act sensibly? I've left off trying to figure it out but I do have a new idea, which I posted over at HA:

We won’t clean up our act until Simon tells us we suck, Tabatha slaps our hair stylists around, Gordon Ramsey closes our kitchens, and the Nanny trains our children. We’ve been overdue for a British politician to do a reality show live from our Congressional chambers.

Can you imagine it? I know you can! What fun it would be to get Mr. Hannan, with camera in tow, closing down some back-room deliberations, playing the yob in some sub-committee hearings, or simply and eloquently mystifying Maxine Waters with the sheer gravitas of his intellect. Oh, sweet, sweet politics-as-entertainment that I would pay to see!

Seriously. We're paying through the nose not to see it, y'know.

It's a thing to make one misty-eyed:


Ex-Dissident said...

you have a very accurate assessment of these talking heads' limits.

julie said...

I'd watch that show. Especially if it was co-hosted by Mark Steyn.

Van said...

Heh... I assume the irony is not lost, that we need the British to warn us that 'the Red's are coming, the Red's are coming!'... and btw, if the Brit’s want to burn Washington again, well....

Jim - PRS said...

... and we have Maxine Waters, Corinne Brown and Barney Frank.


pamibe said...

Daniel Hannan for President!

Hey, we made an exception for obama, we can do it for Hannan as well.

LauraB said...

Pamibe made me blow snot.

You guys..great post, great vid, much better day after watching.