Mar 4, 2009

Thoughts Left Elsewhere.

I'm grateful to blogs that allow comments. Blogging is no fun without the give-and-take and I certainly don't like to just post the stuff I'm thinking about on my own. Maybe my comments will provoke you to go see what provoked me:

Many are tempted to bow down to the cult of personality in the hope for group identity and leadership. If leadership does not arise from one’s self first, what hope have we as a nation? If we do not lead, as Rush said clearly we must, then who will our children follow? There is still much to hope for at the personal and community level, at the state level. Rush has pointed to the exits in a clear and commanding way, and left the rest to us.

True leadership equips people for success, and does not demand fealty, followers, or offerings of cash. Few poseurs of our political class measure up.


Not a man alive would sign up for such a job for less than underwater-oil-platform-welder-hazard-pay-overtime-and-a-half-salary.


There is nothing wrong with emotions being stirred. It’s the only thing that provokes action. Lots of great minds are sitting behind keyboards, quietly moderate, excruciatingly logical and reasonable, inarguably and tediously scrupulous and without blame.

And nobody reads or listens to them.

Even so, it seems that the inclination of moderates is to sacrifice many good people on the altars of perfection and its elusive twin, “intellect.” Much good may it do them.


We haven’t yet suffered unto blood, as did our forefathers. Life, fortune, and sacred honor were on the line for them. We can do no less.

Any “friend” who would agree, however wrongheadedly and soft-heartedly, to the financial pillaging of my home and my children can not stand with me in my hour of need. Therefore, what does it afford me to preserve a semblance while the reality is crushing my family?


Context is a conundrum of sorts: the less you have, the more you can imagine.


It’s always more fun to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Cuz, y’know, fire, and matches ‘n all. There’s always the possibility of conflagration.


Dick: Now that Vman is here, you're gonna have to move that apostrophe...


leeann said...

"Lots of great minds are sitting behind keyboards..."
And you are amongst them, lady.
I have to be honest, about half the time I am too damn uneducated to understand what you say, nor Vman, nor many others. But you (and they) say it with such conviction and good intent that I am motivated to look references up, try to wrap my mind around things, see it as you all present it.
That was a roundabout way of saying thank you, in case I buggered it up.

Velociman said...

I can only offer a theory in my instance as to what provoked you, but that theory would be: my Big Dick?

Actually, your Protein Wisdom comment was far superior. A work of art unto itself. You should post the whole thing.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Made ya look!