Mar 22, 2009

Why Capitalism Will Always Be Cool

Because a government agency could never allow this kind of fun:

h/t to the awesome PreSurfer.


Gecko said...

Hah, only in America! Thanks, Joan, sure did perk up my day.

Sam said...

Eenie meenie miny mo, pick a seat we gotta go!

Jocular use of a form of the rhyme by a Southwest Airlines flight attendant, encouraging passengers to sit down so the plane could take off, led to a 2003 lawsuit charging the airline with racism. A United States District Court in Kansas City found Southwest not liable in January 2004, a decision that was upheld on appeal.[5]

Two different versions of the rhyme were attested in court:

Eeny meeny miny mo
Please sit down it's time to go


Eeny meeny miny mo
Pick a seat, it's time to go

The passengers in question were African American and stated that they were humiliated.

Hammer said...

The fresh prince of South West air?

John in May-retta said...

Twenty-five years I traveled, and I never heard it done that way. Fantastic!