Apr 7, 2009

. . .And If The Truth Were an Impossibility?


Not for a moment do I think that what I see in this image is that. I believe... no... I know for a fact that what I am seeing is merely gas and stars in a seemingly random arrangement shining in a narrow, very narrow, part of the spectrum so that, to my deeper mind and imagination, I pull together some vague shapes in the play of color on the void and relate it to what I have seen elsewhere, felt elsewhen -- and out of that produce a feeling, thought, in my mind that makes my eyes see what appears to be an impossible hand reaching across space long ago in exactly nowhere. It's a cosmic Rorschach image, a glowing gasblot somewhere in limitless space. That it is a 'hand' is impossible. It is even more impossible that it is even an image of a hand.

It's as fine a meditation for Holy Week as you are likely to read.


Betsy said...

It is indeed, Joan. Thank you for that.

QP said...

I'm almost speechless. Just minutes after putting up my humble Tuesday post I have this marvelous encounter with truth written by a real seer/writer. Thanks Joan.