Apr 2, 2009

I'm sorry, but. . . no.

Far be it from me to set myself up as a fashion plate. I've neither the breeding nor the bread for such a title. But if I may channel that liberal hate-fest of bad fashion, this is definitely a What Not To Wear moment for Mrs. Obama:

That pillowcase of a skirt, the over-heavy necklace, the too-tight pajama patterned cardigan, [oh ugh! update: the sweater is all shiny and glittery. In the daytime.] the clunky bracelet. OMG the hair. No, no, no. And yet the Media Monkeys (sue me) fawn over her choices as pragmatic. As in, proletariat, I guess. The French must be loving this.

I'll just sit here and wait for Suzette to chime in with the better snark. But, seriously, even I coulda dressed her better than that.

We may have rebelled against tyranny, but not against good fashion sense.

Oh, why doesn't the press just go ahead and propose?


GUYK said...

The last democrat president's wife to really have class was Jackie Kennedy...and deep down I think she was a republican.

joated said...

Yeah, the MSM is still in the tank and they probably will continue to be right up to the time the last fish gets wrapped.

leeann said...

Has the idiot never heard of hiring a stylist? Gak.

Sam said...

I wouldn't fuck her with your dick...wait...you don't have one...my mistake.

Is there another word for trash?

I stand embarrassed!!!

PeggyU said...

Maybe she got dressed in the dark. You know, to save energy or something. There's got to be a logical explanation. Or maybe Hillary helped her.

Teresa said...

I just posted about the perfect person to help Michelle... although I'm guessing she won't pay attention. LOL.

It's really scary when I feel like I have better fashion sense than anyone, but especially the woman who should be representing our country. Sheesh.

CastoCreations said...

I can NOT understand WHY the media keeps saying what great fashion she has. She's HIDEOUS!!! I'm no fashion maven but I could pick out better outfits in a nano second.

She needs to be sent to What Not to Wear...Stacey could sort her out in a heartbeat.