Apr 29, 2009

Keepin' On The Sunny Side

Let's see what's left to be politicized. So far we have:

National Security? Check.
Climate Science? Check.
Health Care? Check.
Race Relations? Ongoing check.
Military engagements? Check.

And now we have a Flu Pandemic panic. Can we really believe the CDC is not politicized?

Do you see the problem here, Democrats?

Upside: Job Market should be opening up soon. . .


Anonymous said...

So is it ok for me to go ot before anyone else comments? I'll take that as a yes.

Oooo. New look for the Slack. I especially like the new picture. Yer makin' me homesick, here. I can almost smell that soft air.

Thanx for stopping by my place and reminding me that I haven't gotten out in a long time.

WR said...

Health care has been a political football for DECADES!

Swine flu is a problem...even if this go round is mild (and that it appears to be case). There will be other go rounds. How we respond will depend on how peole can think - or rather if they can think outside their party restrictive logic.

Sam said...

I hope he stumbles into The Black Sphere.