Apr 29, 2009

Obama - St. Louis Connections

WTF with Obama's using St. Louis as a power base? Anybody?


top of the chain said...

Take your pick

Missouri will be a battleground state in 2010 and 2012?

He likes Chicago style pizza made in St. Louis (personal note, why oh why? I am biased, but thin crust is the best)

He was in the Dick Gephardt's old district today.

Claire McCaskill?

Jay Nixon?

Close to a Chrysler plant, wants to check out his new company?

Take your pick

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, you're good!



top of the chain said...

Forgot one,

Wanted Air Force One to have a photo op to be framed by the Gateway Arch

Sal said...

He thinks 'center of the country' actually means just that. It's symbolic - the state version of white columns?
But wouldn't that be, like, Iowa?

top of the chain said...


More like Lebanon, KS.