Apr 2, 2009

Things That Made Me Smile Today

Michael Malone's Headline is the Quote of the Year.


Newt gets it almost right. I would only differ in that I believe we need numerous factions on both the Right and the Left in order to keep the MSM honest and out of political gaming. They'd certainly have to actually, you know, at least keep a spreadsheet of the talking points instead of the monolithic pamphleteering they currently enlist from JournoList.


LeeAnn. 'nuff said.


This joke, sent to me by the Velocigod, which I have reworked to amuse my own interests:

Did you hear about the Obama voter who found a magic lamp? The genie granted him one wish. He looked at his delapidated hovel, then at his neighbor's nicer, bigger, more splendid house. And he bade the genie to burn down his neighbor's house.


This video, stolen from the courtesy of CastoCreations:

And while I defend Ward Churchill's right to be an ass, and his employer's right to fire him for being an ass, I am truly gratified to see that Mr. Churchill's jury of his peers has decided his ass is only worth $1. And with the inflation we'll soon see, he'd better hope he gets his award pretty quick lest his assets evaporate.


Bob said...

Now we learn that one juror held out. The others wanted to give him hundreds of thousands of dollars and his job back.