May 9, 2009

I don't think that's the correct definition of a "dog leg"

Doggie drama in the house last night. Pepper was sooooo glad to see me after I'd been gone all day that she began a howling -- oh! and let me interject that she has finally learned how to bark -- hucklebutt run around the living room, jumping onto the couch and into the recliner where she turned too quickly to jump and run again. The short version is, she caught her front left paw in the chair as she turned to the right and tumbled to the ground while her paw remained in the crease of the arm of the chair.

Kill.Me.Now. but how she cried and howled with pain, laying on her side with her front leg at an unusual angle out to the side. I ran for the phone and the J.R. stayed with her while she continued howling and crying. I'm crying and trying to talk to the vet's assistant and prepare to take her for an emergency visit. Argghh!!!!

I hung up and ran back to the living room where we had all been so happy and laughing and now we were all pretty miserable, but the J.R. noticed that her leg/shoulder had popped back into place and she was whimpering softly and trying to get up. We held our breath as she limped horribly about, but wagging her tail, still happy to see me. Dogs. Just, . . .wow.

We canceled the vet visit as I still had some muscle relaxers and anti-inflams for her. Can you say happy puppy? She was zoned out for hours. She's still a bit sore today, but putting weight on it gingerly and being all happy and decidedly okay. One more dose of anti inflams this morning seemed to help. I'm keeping her activity limited for another day, just to be sure.

For me, I fell into bed last night exhausted from the emotion and adrenaline and woke up as sore as if I had been beaten up.

Still, it's nice to see that Pepper Dog smile.


Betsy said...

Poor puppy. I'm glad it was easily resolved and I'm sure her mama is too. Here's to a rapid and full recovery.

Sam said...

That waggaly tail is always a good sign. Sore is better than the knife.

We need to get Pepper and Stretch together...not for the glide, but for some real trouble.

Make us all smile and lie about it.

Good for the Pepper!!!

Froth said...

Holy schmungies. That's CREEPY! Poor Pepper. I'm really, really glad that it turned out okay. You know I am.

julie said...

Oh, poor Pepper dog! I'm glad her leg went back to where it was supposed to. Give her a belly rub for me!

Hammer said...

Glad pepper is ok.

When mine was a puppy he would dislocate his leg all the time and as soon as we got to the vet he would pop it back in himself..and the staff would just look at me like I was stupid.

Liberty Girl said...

Oh, poor goggie.

You know this whole episode won't teach her a thing. :)

Joan of Argghh! said...

LOL @ LG! You are so right. Just a while ago she jumped right back up onto the recliner. Silly critter.

She's so barrel-bodied and short-backed that turning around is a funny enterprise for her. She couldn't grab her on tail if she wanted to. But she still thinks she can fit into any tight corner.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Poor Pepperdog. I hope she continues to heal quickly.

LauraB said...

Och! That keening breaks your heart, doesn't it?

It seems quite the trial for dogs this week with Ranger being off his game, and a friend's dog dealing with kidney stones...

What moon is it, exactly? Or shall we blame the Dog Star?

So glad all is well!! Bacon is in order.

Mike Wilson said...

GAAHH! I flinched a half sentence early in anticipation.

Happy puppy FTW!

And yeah... won't learn a thing from this.

pamibe said...

Poor Pepper! I'm so glad she's okay now, but I can imagine the stress you were under!

Big *whew*!

CastoCreations said...

aahhhh...poor excited puppy. I swear dogs have such high pain tolerances are are tougher than we'd ever imagine. :)