May 31, 2009

A Life Cut Short

There is much to be made of Dr. Tiller's death and many will do so far more stridently or sagaciously than I. Murder of an adult is sometimes acerbically dubbed as a very, very late term abortion. But in all gravity, murder really is an abortion: a cutting short of an assigned span of being. Murder is not an illness or disease, it's a choice and an action that is employed by one against another for any number of reasons, none of them good. It is the ultimate working of one's will against that of another; god-like in its demand and finality. That's why it is wicked.

It's also quite wicked and sad to send a man to his Maker before he has had the Grace of his allotted years. But mostly, it is very wicked to not even give a man a chance to survey his soul in the face of his mortal end, perchance to repent and be healed.

Dr. Tiller's death shall be made into what his former life choices now dictate for his memory, and he will become a touchstone for some, a tipping point for others, and a martyr for a misguided "right". Perhaps you might think it strange that, loathsome as I find his life deeds to have been, I shall pray for a better Grace, a better Judge to have mercy on his soul.


julie said...

Not strange at all, Joan. May God have mercy on him, and on his family and congregation.

As to the manner of his death, I think his killer may have done almost as much violence to the anti-abortion movement as he did to the doctor himself.

A terrible circumstance, all around.

Sam said...

Well said!!!

pamibe said...

Amen, Joan.

CastoCreations said...

You said it better than I ever could have. I heard about it on the news and while I hate the crime, I also hated what the victim did for a living. There is no excuse for murder - though I know that justifications can (and will be) made by others. It's just a sick situation all the way around.