May 25, 2009

Obama Calls For Memorial Day to become Apology Day

Although he has not formally announced it, our current CIC stands athwart all the graves of honor and selfless courage to count it as aught but misguided Imperialism and something for which our nation must apologize.

Now, my courage is small in the face of real danger. I am but a woman, weakened by my sexual inheritance, but let me make my words as large as my heart, my hopes, and my dreams for my country can muster: If Obama cannot soon see the ruinous ends of his wretched philosophy left unchecked, if God does not soon shed his Grace on our President and give him eyes to see ALL of his countrymen, if Obama cannot soon humble himself enough to hear opposing and honorable viewpoints, then he has ceded any right to be called anything but a two-bit Chicago power-monger. But then, I called him that right out of the gate.

I would be hard-pressed to allow such an entity to assume any particualrs of place and station to confer "honors" upon our sacred fallen soldiers. Better that he demur the singular honor of bringing the laurels of his office to the graves of better men than he has ever imagined in his insular, assumptive, propped-up self regard.

On this day of all days in our Republic, when I would naturally defer to the honorably departed and their families to remind us of our Duty to give all in the service of Freedom, I will not hold back.

I will suffer the approbation and calls for belaying my grievances for a better day. What better day than today, even as our elected leaders effectively spit on the sacrifices that brought them to their haughty presumptions of peace? Peace. As though Obama had won his place honorably by sheer dint of mental prowess and high-flown Idealism. No, he occupies an office he stole through duplicity and thuggery. I may respect the Idea of the Office of the President, but I can yield no more allegiance to it than I could any pirated ship of state that presumes to fly a friendly flag only to be found full of cutpurses and buggerers.

Can we let one man, one party, one election undo the decades of historic honor and duty, and render it a shame to be repented of? I understand the need for closure, ritual, rememberance. I do not wish to tread on such for my own sense of outrage. But what are we remembering, who are we honoring, and why? Will not one family, one spouse, one son, one father send back a retort worthy of the sacrifice they mourn-- and reject the dishonored conference of honors from this President?

I may need guidance here, but how could I watch my brother in battle fall, only to hear my Commander in Chief shout across the battle lines, "Sorry! Sorry! Don't shoot at us any more! Our bad!" And then, allow such treachery to confer honor on a shattered life?

Happy Memorial Day?

I don't think so.


Now, go read something more worthy of the day.

Just one paragraph in, and all is right again.



diamond dave said...

I've stated this before elsewhere, and I'll state it again here:

So Obama thinks we should apologize for freeing people from oppressive regimes? For breaking the Nazi grip on Europe during WWII? For toppling a Middle Eastern dictator who murdered as many of his own people as those outside his country? For doing whatever it took to make our country safe from those who would do nothing more than either kill us or enslave us? That we should so blatantly disrespect those who gave themselves up for our country to preserve our freedom and safety? "So that this nation may not perish from the earth", as Abe Lincoln so eloquently stated? And we owe the world an APOLOGY?

Pardon my french, but what an assing fuckhole.

Ricky Raccoon said...

In Deed, Joan. Our soldiers deserve better than the current CIC. But one of the other things they do that strikes me with wonder and awe is how they still stand through stuff like is. It’s hard to take, but they are much harder. That’s the way this country grows ‘em.
This frame of heart reminds me of a riddle I wrote: Why did President Bush send our soldiers into Iraq? Answer: Because they can’t send themselves.
My flag, I can see while typing this through the window. She looks especially beautiful today.
I couldn't care less what that other guy says.

Ricky Raccoon said...

Not you, D Dave. The other guy.

QP said...

Cad-in-Charge is unquestionably a disgusting moral degenerate - completely unworthy of his position. Let us take courage from the example of our brave brothers and sisters in the front lines. And my our faith be strengthend for the hard times that are acomin'.

Jean said...

hoorah, Joanie!

julie said...

Yep, indeed. And in line with Ricky's comment, all the more reason to support our troops. They're still out there fighting; it's ever more important that they know what they're really fighting for.

patti said...

Making it all the more important that we let them know in tangible ways that we value their service and sacrifice. With this bozo in office it will be a difficult time for our boys/girls in uniform.

Sal said...

Good one, Joan.
Hope the JR's recovery is going smoothly.

GUYK said...

Buy lead...lots of lead