May 12, 2009

Something the RNC can agree on! At last!

November 17th repost, in light of RCP's post by Jay Cost, calling for Steele to step down. I don't disagree a bit with the resignation, but I'm not sure Mr. Post's proffered advice fits my mood, which is loathe to hear one more call for moderation:

Dear RNC: Our Troops Know More About "Hearts & Minds" Than You Ever Will

Warning: Vile, disjointed Rant with a Point, I swear!, follows:

I'm no war strategist, but I can plainly see what's working in Iraq. The Iraqis had a many-headed hydra living in their midst and our troops cut it out, one by one and met it with a winning strategy: Nothing succeeds like success.

They met like with like and then went one better and put our money where our mouth is. They rebuilt, educated and retrained a populace decimated by generations of shameful thuggery, genocide, and new insurgents bent on even more destruction. They walked a razor's edge of political diplomacy while sinking .50 caliber rounds into the gaudy palaces and gruesome henchmen of Hussein.

You know, our troops don't especially like being characterized to your children in the public school system as murderers and warmongers, gonzos with guns, or belly-scratchers with bazookas. But they don't let it get in the way of their mission. But, one MSMedia whisper about incompetence, one more Hollywood throwaway line about Republican idiocy, and our GOP leaders start waffling on virtues and looking for someone to love them for who they aren't.

Our valiant troops keep sleeping in the dirt, when they can sleep, eating a shit sandwich (with extra sand) every day, taking the hits, losing friends to bullets and losing friends to specious propaganda-- and they never lose sight of their mission: to WIN the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. Anything less means they'll have spent their blood for nothing.

The GOP wants to present itself as ...well, what? It doesn't matter. The Left has divided its own strengths among many fronts and has corralled the diverse and vibrant populace of Republicans into a box canyon where they can just nuke the entirety of the conglomeration with one shot, doesn't really matter which: Idiots! Hypocrites! Heartless!

Our troops in Iraq know more about asymetrical warfare against the many fronts of self-interests, desperados and idealogues than the GOP has had time to contemplate. Our troops have to work side-by-side with people of another faith, and realize they can still trust them to have their back. They have to win the hearts of a people who seemingly believe in ancient fairy tales, but are smart enough to see the advantages of freedom. I don't think they can win them over by blaming their problems on their "superstitions". Conversely many Republicans here are now lashing out at religious members for making them look stupid. Well no, Christians don't make the Pubbies look stupid. The way the GOP has failed to understand the makeup of most Christians and most Conservatives leads me to think they are too stupidly unqualified to lead any group that wants to include both.

Our amazing troops have many divisions squadrons, and units, each specializing in unique aspects of the operations in Iraq. The ground forces cannot discount the technical support and the strategists cannot dismiss the intelligence gatherers on the streets of combat just because they don't have a college degree. The GOP's biggest weakness is its vanity amongst the tuxedo set in DC and the tweed set in the Ivy League campuses. These RNC leaders are doomed to take it in the ass and not even get a reacharound. Our troops would never settle for such hollow victories of vanity, not when there's blood on the ground.

Moreover, no matter what a troop believes, they still want a chaplain to pray over their dead, to beseech blessing, to ask forgiveness, to minister healing. Big, brave men and women in touch with and unashamed of their need for something intangible. There may be atheists in foxholes, but I imagine even they do not begrudge a religious solace in such extremities. But the GOP has quietly begun to shun the media- projected idea of how the "Bible Thumpers" make them look. They make them look unenlightened.

And we can't look unenlightened while the Titanic sinks, can we? We can't lose our precious sense of Self. Why, we're Rugged Individualists who don't want to be tread on! Please, that deck chair is out of place and is harshing my political mellow. Could you please just ... remove it? There's a good chap!

The GOP leadership really is stocked with idiots and short-cutters and politically expedient whores who have no more an idea of how to save the Ship of State than how to field dress a moose.

And Mr. Steele sounds like Obama, lots of flowery prose and no real ideas with feet on them.

Our troops will be returning home soon. I'd nominate almost any 20 year-old Logistics Specialist with 18 months' experience on the ground in Iraq to be my next local, state or a national executive before I'll vote for a stupid overfed, vain Party Faithful. Such a kid would know in practicality what Republicans have rejected ever since Reagan: that hard work and hard cash on the street wins the day.

The Iraqis were in a state of political and economic decay. It was expedient to some that Iraq stay that way and that's where the force was necessary. (Don't think the Dems are opposed to force, btw.) But the morale and spirit of the Iraqis had to be preserved and nurtured.

Our military leaders know that you put money on the street in the form of renewal. So where was the GOP funding for street-level lawyers to come in and fight for Small Business being swallowed up by Federal legislation? Why have they been giving our money to the indolent and willfully stupid while forcing Republican families to sacrifice their kids on the altar of public education and child care? Why are we funding any sort of state-sponsored research when we say we believe in the power of the market? Why isn't the GOP funding kids' programs to run on PBS? Where was GOP grant money for smart young minds to be training young kids with dreams of creating something useful and exciting? Why isn't somebody insisting on Math instead of statistics?

And why are the middle class treated as social pariahs by the GOP Godhead, and left to spend their last farthing defending themselves from onerous tax codes, health plan rules, and politically correct quotas? Where are GOP-funded repositories of lawyers who will work for land rights and fair values, a sacred tenet of freedom? Where is the GOP money for Idealism outside of the box? Why, its all out there defending CEOs who abscond the last of widows' 401ks, and make calls on vaporous debt leverage.

Fuck 'em all.

Look, we won in Iraq without overwhelming the population with immigrants or new babies. We did it with Community Organizers--With Guns and Money. Long before the opposition quit with the bullets and bombs we started throwing more money at the street level than the government-sponsored insurgents could match. It's not old-fashioned, direct-opposition warfare anymore, people. Wake up.

Obama beat us with Community Organizers and more money at the street level than the GOP is prepared to spend, and more than the average working Joe can counter with time and effort. Now the winning Dems only fear the guns we rightfully possess, else why the need for a domestic "security" force? Even now, they know not to let up. The heel is not yet uncomfortable on our throats but have no doubt that that is their goal. That's what winning looks like. Heels on throats. Confiscation. Punishment and rule.

I never want it to come to that.

But I will eat sandy shit sandwiches, lose sleep, lose friends, and spend my last dime before I'll resort to violent offensives. If I have to meet unasked for violence with violence, so be it. Depend on it. But this is not a call for anarchy or offense. It is a cry for real leadership.

I'd rather my political leaders understood the times we live in. We have one hope of herding the cats that are the Republicans: Either we all do our part and swallow a bit of Self to work together, or we tribalize and work to create a consensus of the Least Common Denominator that we can all agree on without losing our precious sense of Individualism and smug vanities. Either way, pick three or four abiding Truths and work for them and not against each other.

Seriously, I hope we can one day elect one of our newer military leaders to office. Talk about an executive under fire from all sides: cut budgets, upgrade, protect assets, regroup, retool, rethink, plan the logistics, diplomatically please all, shut out the Media noise, and relentlessly pursue victory.

Yeah. My grandmama wants to fly jets. You wanna lead the RNC? Show me you got what it takes.


Sam said...

Fuck 'em all....yeap!

mushroom said...

I don't know, I kind of like the idea of the party of "NO". That is the essence of the Bill of Rights -- "Congress shall make NO law ..." -- that right there would be a step in the right direction.

Instead of a bank holiday, how about a government holiday.

GM is going to shut down for what, nine weeks? We hereby demand that our government, which can't pay its bills either, do the same thing.

We call on the President and Congress to leave Washington, go back to their nominal homes and districts, shut down all federal departments except the Department of Defense, and see if anybody notices.

For our part, we out here in the private sector agree to give credit from our tax savings to help our elderly neighbors who were stupid enough to depend on Social Security for retirement. We won't let them starve.

We won't make the same promise about the rest of the government-cheese eaters. But, hey, we've all got to sacrifice, right? And most of them look like they could survive a nine-week fast pretty well.

diamond dave said...

Good points. If we are ever to regain the ground we lost back in November, and are sure to lose the next four years, we have to be honest with ourselves about the reasons we lost in the first place.

JihadGene said...


Peter said...

Thank you.

Jim Ryan said...

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

F*ckin' Aye!
I couldn't agree more, Joan!
I also like Mushrooms suggestion.
The less Congress "works" the better.