Jun 13, 2009

Bad Dog!

It's still funny after 50 times.


pamibe said...

Hilarious!!!!! LOL!

QP said...

Timeless. Dogs keep me real. Really.

When I saw the post title I flashed back to a 30 year old New Yorker cartoon.

Owner arrives home, finds dog sitting in chair smoking. Owner sez: "Bad Dog!"

diamond dave said...

Poor kid!

PeggyU said...

Dogs are so rude that way! Why do they do it? I remember our dogs tripping my brothers and me, when we were kids. They always went for kids, too. Never the adults! Must be something about the height.

(I'd pay to see BO do that to the Messiah.)

Mike Wilson said...

Oh I dunno. Looks like a good dog to me. :)